I couldn't sleep last night.

I just kept thinking about my day.

How culd she be pregnant?

Why didn't she just stay?

I knew it was a bad idea when she left,

I never trusted him.

She was the other woman when they met.

Why should it be any different from then?

I tried to stop her from going,

She knew I didn't approve.

She makes decisions to rashly,

And doesn't think them through.

She had only known him a short while.

It started out as a one night stand.

I was afriad for her then.

She had been through so much

In just five months

That I didn't know if she could make it now.

She was grabbing at straws

While her world feel apart

And I couldn't do a damn thing to change it.

Right now I am at a loss,

I can't do anything for her now,

She has gone way to far this time.

Now she has a baby to take care of too.

Inspired by a situation in which I currently find myself and my friend in.