I have decided to ride my bike around the world.

I know, you might think I'm crazy, but it's something I am determined to do.

I think I need to have an adventure, and this seems the perfect thing to do!

My dad knows I'll do it, and he supports me.

Though he also grinned a bit, so maybe he thinks I'll get homesick and give up. I'll show him he's wrong!

I decided to tweet everyone my intentions.

I'm gong to ride my bike around the world. What do you think of that?

Well, some people gave me some lame stories, some didn't believe me, but some were very supportive.

I'm going to bed now, I've got to be up early for my bike ride around the world!

My friend says she'll help me write about this in a story, and we tweet about it. I am excited!

We are off on our way to Fresno! My brother of choice Danny and my sister of choice Debbie are with me!

People send me weird tweets back, like they don't believe me, but I will show them I can go all around the world.

Some people worry that I won't be safe, but I am not stupid. I stay close to my brother of choice, Danny, as he is older, and together, all three of us cycle all day.

It's very tiring. For lunch, we stop beside a lake and have a picnic. I'm glad that Debbie thought to pack sandwiches, I forgot about lunch!

Back on the bikes and I have to say, now that we are out of the city it is much easier going, there are less cars and people to get in our way.

We ride on the road, and even though it is winter and very, very cold, I don't feel it so much. The effort of cycling keeps me warm.

We have to stop, briefly, every now and then to use the bathroom, and I tweet at these times to people that have asked me questions.

Debbie needs to go to the bathroom a lot! Lucky there are plenty of gas stations and parks with bathrooms she can use. I don't know what she'll do when we are further from the city.

She'll have to get used to going behind a bush!

I've stopped to rest. What should I do now?

I don't get a lot of replies to this, and again, I get some silly ideas! Why do people think we can play board games when we are on a bike trip?

Debbie gives me some of the left over scraps from our lunch sandwiches (I didn't know she saved them!) and we feed the ducks at the pond near the side of the road.

Danny chases the ducks, which makes me mad, but I have to admit it's funny seeing a boy of his size running around, waving his arms, trying to scare the ducks away!

I just tripped on my bike on a rock. Ow. At least I can still pedal around the world.

That wasn't fun! At least I didn't get hurt too bad, just a bit of a scrape.


Gosh, some people are annoying! They think I need to go to emergency, or something. Seriously, the worst hurt was to my pride when Danny and Debbie laughed at me!

We're getting pretty tired. It's been a long day; I'm not used to riding this far. I don't think my brother and sister of choice are, either, but they won't admit it.

We are coming into a town where I am going to suggest we stay the night. It's not night yet, we have a bit of time to kill.

What should me and my big brother of choice and my big sister of choice do now?

I think it's late, so we are going to decide if we should stay in this town (what is it called?) or try to make the next one by night time. I think we should stay over because we don't know how long it will take to get to the next town. I don't think it's safe to ride at night.

Debbie agrees with me. Personally, I think it's because she's tired, but won't admit it. I don't care, really, I just think we should find a motel. I need a shower and a rest.

We're resting in a hotel now.

We order room service. When my dad took me to Canada to see his work (on my tenth birthday!) we stayed in a motel and ordered room service. That's when I first started tweeting.

I have made many friends on twitter. I think I like it best when people ask me questions. I hate it when people say stupid things without reading my tweets.

I take the time to answer some people that have asked me questions, and I talk to other new friends.


We sleep pretty well, and we have room service for breakfast. I love the pancakes, they have fresh fruit with them that Debbie eats, and Danny had eggs.

Ask me questions about me and my big brother of choice and my big sister of choice biking around the world today?

Sometimes not many people answer me. That's okay, I know they have jobs, school, that kind of stuff that keeps them busy.

Sometimes I get annoyed when no one answers, but today, I'm feeling good.

It's a long way to Fresno; we have to ride pretty hard. I don't get to tweet much, and Danny made sure we all had water bottles with us so we don't have to stop as much.

Debbie still goes to the bathroom a lot, but she's quick, and we get back on the road before too long.

For lunch I don't feel like sandwiches.

Just as well, because Debbie didn't make any today!

Turns out Danny grabbed some food from our breakfast rooms service, so we have fruit, cold pancakes and cold toast for lunch. It's not perfect, but it will do for our adventure.

Back on the road, and it looks like it is going to rain, so we are pedalling as fast as we can.

We are all getting very tired. This is turning out to be harder than I thought it would!

The only time I tweet to my followers is when we stop for bathroom breaks.

What should me and my big brother of choice and my big sister of choice do now? It is night.

It's been a long day. I chat on twitter for a while as Debbie and Danny watch television. There's not much on as they are exhausted, and I can hear Debbie starting to snore softly. She has fallen asleep.

We are going to bed in the hotel. I will talk tomorrow.

I wake Debbie up because she is still dressed. We all brush our teeth and go to bed.



Morning! Time to get up to get moving on the bike! Wish us luck now so we can get to Fresno!

We ride hard today. I don't tweet much, I more just answer questions from people on the few small stops we make. I think it's because this is such a hard thing to do!

I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I didn't realise there would be this many hills, and that we would have to duck off the road every five minutes because a big truck was coming along.

I don't think I will tweet much more today.

We get to the next town as the sun is setting, and eat at the motel diner (they don't have room service here).

The worst thing about tonight is there are only two beds, so Debbie and I have to share the double bed. Danny gets the cot by the window.


Don't expect much tweets from me today. I'll be riding for 7 hours before I tweet.

I am so not looking forward to this. I don't think I understood how hard this would be. We are all tired, and our legs feel like they are going to fall off!

I'm missing my dad. He is at work.

I tweet him, but he doesn't answer. He must be busy.

I guess that's why he got me an iPad, not an iPhone for Christmas. He knew I'd ring him too much!

And I probably would, I do love him very much.

We're in Fresno!

I swear that was like the longest day of my life! My legs feel like they are swollen they are so sore!

I talk to heaps of people on twitter tonight, anything rather than move. I'm too sore to get out of my chair.

Thank goodness this motel has room service, because we are all so tired that if we sat in a diner to eat, we wouldn't get back up again!

Next stop. Africa!

I ask my followers if they think we should take a boat to Africa. Everyone tells me something different.

When the maid comes to collect the room service plates she talks to Danny. She has an uncle that hires boats, and he is making plans to go to Africa! We can't believe it, we can sail all the way to Africa for free, because he was already going and he is happy to take us!

Tomorrow, I got to bike to the beach and sail to Africa.

So that's settled, I can sleep without any worries.

Time for sleeping with my bro and sis of choice in this hotel, Wish us luck, coz tomorrow we sail to Africa!



We cycle to the beach, it takes a while but thankfully there are no big hills today, and it is easy going. We didn't have breakfast because we all slept in.

Debbie thinks it's because we were so tired. I think she's right.

I hope they have plenty of food on the boat. We get there early enough to speak to the Captain.

His name is Melvin. Funny name. He has grey hair and a long beard, it goes nearly to his chest, and he wears a Captain's hat.

He also wears a Hawaiian shirt and cut off jeans for shorts. Weird, but in a nice way.

Danny, Debbie and I go to the store and buy some food, ice-cream, and some drinks. We also meet up with Abby, my five year old sister of choice, her mum has driven down to make sure we have enough clothes, food and money to take with us, and she was only going to let us on the boat if she met captain Melvin first.

She has met him, and she says it's okay.

On the boat with my brother and sister of choice to Africa!

Looking back at land from the boat is beautiful. There are seagulls and people walking their dogs on the beach.

Some people are flying kites. I am excited, this is going to be fun!

What should we do now? We are on a boat sailing to Africa…hmm

I didn't realise how boring it would be on the boat. It's not a very big boat.

I mean to say, it's huge, but not like a cruise liner or anything. There is no swimming pool or dining halls or anything, this is a sail boat, with only us, and Captain Melvin and his crew, John and Paul. That's it.

I didn't bring enough darn ice-cream on the boat with me and my brother and sister of choice!

Well, that's no fun! I tweet my dad, and he thinks it's funny, like I expected him to fly over with ice-cream, or something! We shared what we had with the crew, and now we have no more ice cream to last the whole voyage. Oh well.

After we ate we decided to pay hide and seek.

We played the style where, once you are tagged, you have to run back to 'home base' before anyone else, or you're it.

Hey, it passes the time!

My sister of choice, Debbie, just fell off the boat! What do me and my brother of choice, Danny, do ?

Thankfully a lot of people make suggestions, and John and Paul help rescue Debbie.

She was frightened, but didn't stay in the water too long.

She's safe, thanks to you guys.

I have to admit, I was worried.

People are still tweeting to check everything is okay.

Debbie is back on the boat. Now what should we do? Danny just fell asleep, so Debbie and I have the boat to ourselves till he wakes up.

Wow, this is more boring than I thought it would be.

Imagine you are stuck in a boat with no television, no things you normally have, like board games, wii, that sort of thing.

Imagine you are our ages. There is really nothing to do!

Debbie and I are thinking of throwing Danny overboard while he's asleep and going the rest of the bike trip around the world on our own?

Dolphins are by the boat!

Yes! Real dolphins!

They are beautiful, and we watch them for ages.

What should me and Debbie do? We are on the boat.

I haven't mentioned Abby on my tweets, I don't know why.

She gets very bored.

I let her play a little bit on my iPad, then I talk to my followers.

I have some nice people that follow me and talk to me, and it helps to pass the time.

Sometimes people are not so nice, but there are not many of them.

What should me, Debbie and Danny do? We are on the boat sailing to Africa.

I have to say, I do like to ask questions.

I like to get everyone's ideas, and sometimes use them.

Sometimes I just answer them back, or ask for more ideas of what to do.

I mean, we have no adults here to talk to. Captain Melvin and his crew are busy with the sailing of the boat, so it's just me, Debbie, Danny and Abby.

I am NOT the kind of person who plays pranks on people who are asleep!

Sometimes people suggest stupid things.

Debbie and I are thinking of throwing Danny overboard. What do you think we should do? He is asleep.

Okay, yeah, I'm bored. Abby is taking a nap as well.

I decide to take pictures and send them to my followers.

What shall I take pictures of?

My boots, they are my favourite.

My very best blanket. Thank God Debbie's mum remembered to bring it!

Oh fantastic! John, the sailboat crewman, has made us sushi for dinner!

I am so happy! It is one of my favourite meals.

Not my most favourite, that would be pizza, but pretty close.

This is almost as good as Akashi sushi!

Do you think I should take a swim in the ocean if I stay close to the boat?

Captain Melvin has a special rope net that he throws overboard, it's kinda like a swimming pool that pulls along behind the boat.

We can swim in it, and we won't get left behind, we can hold onto the net if the boat is too fast or we are too tired.

It also keeps us safe from sharks.

I'm going to have a swim with Abby. Debbie and Danny have decided to maybe swim later, or tomorrow.

Got back from the swim! Not happy, because Debbie and Danny ate the rest of my sushi..grr

Why would someone think that you don't want the rest of your food, when you have put it in a container and put it in the fridge for later?

I also brought my 5 year old sister of choice, Abby, to come ride/sail across the world with us

Well, even though there wasn't much to do, I'm getting tired.

Captain Melvin sits us around a drum on the deck that he lights a fire in, and tells us stories. Pirate stories. Not horror stories.

It's so Abby doesn't get scared, because she's only five.

But I'm secretly glad because I don't like horror stories.

I mean, I understand them, and I don't hate people who like them.

One of my best twitter friends writes horror stories.

She's the one that helps me write my stories.

I will NOT read her stories, though!

Time for bed on the boat! Please give Abby a daily schedule for tomorrow, because sometimes she gets bored on the boat.

I don't get many tweets, it's okay, I'm really tired and go to sleep almost as soon as my head touches the pillow. Normally it takes half an hour to go to sleep, this shows how tired I am!

Today is the same as yesterday. It's warm so we swim a bit, we play hide and seek (but more carefully this time!) and we eat lunch with our feet hanging over the side of the boat.

Abby, Debbie, Danny and I made the lunch, it is all different kinds of sandwiches.

There isn't much else to do, but Captain Melvin promises there will be a surprise for dinner tonight, and he winked at me.

I wonder what he means?

Pizza on the boat (Thursday night)

My dad is the best dad in the world! He messaged Captain Melvin and told him every Thursday night is pizza night, and it is my favourite, and just because I'm on the boat does not mean I should miss out.

So my dad and Captain Melvin made it a secret and surprised us. I am happy!

Should I take a swim with my 5 year old sister of choice in the ocean if we stay close to the boat?

It gets dark very late here, so we have tons of time after dinner. Captain Melvin said I should take Abby for a swim as it made us tired last night and we slept really well.

She wants to go, and I think it's fun, so in we go!

We didn't last too long, the water was FREEZING!

In about 2 days, I think we'll be in Africa.

Well, we're dry, showered, and have nothing to do.


Abby is bored here on the boat now. In fact, we're all bored. What should we do?

Danny is a genius! He made a checker game on the deck with chalk, and we are using bars of soap as the pieces. It gets us through to bed time!

Bed on the boat! What should we do as soon as we wake up?



Please note that we are NOT going around the world just to go sight seeing! We are doing this for an adventure!

We had dried eggs for breakfast! Blech! I hate them!

I ate toast, there was peanut butter, jelly, and nutella.

Paul and John are going to help us fish after lunch, they said only if we are good.

I think that was a bit mean to say, for four kids stuck on a boring boat, I think we have been excellent!

I spend the morning tweeting and writing this story, then Debbie, Danny, Abby and I all go for a long swim. The water is warmer and we have fun until lunch time.

Guess what's for dinner on the boat tonight?

I can't believe some of the things people say! They are funny and make me laugh!

For dinner on the boat we are having fish we caught earlier!

Dinner was great, we ate so much! I love fish, I mainly eat it in sushi, but fresh caught ocean fish! You have to try it one day! Believe me, it's fantastic!

The only trouble is being on a boat with five year old, is they have very short attention spans, and they get bored very, very easily!

Will you please ask me what to do with Abby? She is bored on the boat.

Nobody came up with any good ideas.

And we have run out of ideas so we talk to a few more people on twitter, and I tell Abby that I want to go to the Burbank SPN convention with my dad, and I can meet some of mine, and his, followers there.

My dad is very popular, he has heaps of fans!

Abby and I are going on our daily swim. When you meet me at the Burbank convention what will you think, say and do to me?

Yeah…some people I might avoid. Some I can't wait to meet! Seriously, I have GREAT followers!

Captain Melvin tells me that we are not that far from Africa. He asks us what our plans are, where we are going to stay, and if we are scared about going there. Some of the countries in Africa have wars. He said we have to be very careful.

Who votes for finding a hotel here in Africa, or camping on the sand?

My dad and me talk on twitter, most of the time by private message. He has been complaining that my hair gets in my food, in my ice-cream and everything, and suggests I should get bangs. I had bangs for a while when I was little.

We are camping on the sand, what will you do as soon as you get to the Burbank convention and see me?

We have a tent that Captain Melvin gave us, and some camp beds. I'm trying to enjoy it, but there is mosquitoes everywhere and lots of jungle noises that I can hear. I'm not scared, it's just that they're loud and annoying.

Now, here's the question again : should I get bangs in Africa or when I get home?

I try tweeting to keep my mind off the mosquitoes. Danny is taking all his time keeping Abby safe, and I think Debbie is just as annoyed as me.

I tweet most of the day because it starts to rain, and we can't ride our bikes in the rain. Finally my friend who is writing this story with me tweets me. She is in another country so I had to wait for her to wake up. She is so happy we are in Africa.

My dad isn't talking to me. I don't know why, and I'm sad, so I keep tweeting people. The rain has stopped, but it's late, Danny said we should probably sleep here, then make a start in the morning.

We sleep in the tent, but I have to tell you, the jungle noises are LOUD! I don't know if anyone slept very well, and Abby cried a bit because she misses her mum.

I miss my dad. I miss him a lot.

In the morning we have breakfast. It's apples, crackers and cheese. Captain Melvin gave it to us.

I get upset that people start to send me stupid tweets, I wish my dad was here to help me deal with them.

I talk to my friend on twitter about it, and she gets mad that people are upsetting me. She tried to change the subject, but it takes ages for people to STOP!

Danny calls me to come outside the tent and….



He missed me even more than I missed him.

My dad is AWESOME!

He took us to Universal Studios in Africa, but I was homesick, so we decided to fly home.

I have decided to do this trip again, but in summer. And I might go the other way, opposite to the way I went this time.

I think we were a bit to ambitious to try an around the world trip in winter, we got so tired pedalling in the cold that we couldn't enjoy the trip as we would have like to.

And I missed my dad.

When we got home, I sent my story to my friend, she puts it through spell check and posts it, as I am not over thirteen yet, and can't do it.

Dad took me to dinner, and you know what?

I love being home!

Tweet yah tomorrow!

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