Title: Hellish Love

Rating: M for well, there's yaoi of course. Oh, some violence and blood every now and then.

Summary: Ashita gave up everything so Lana wouldn't die but when the demon continuously asks if he wants to go back, the boy's answer remains the same.

Warnings: Not entirely though I guess I should say anything you find in yaoi. Gay Love people. Oh, plus tail action, oral and anal. Don't hide it when ya' know ya' like it. (^_^) If you don't then whoops. Sorry but this story isn't for you then.

'He's going to be upset when he gets home,' Ashita thought as he paced around the dark room. 'He usually is.' His body still ached from the last session but he was too restless to give his body time to rest. He recalled himself begging for the demon to stop though he already knew that it was futile. A knot appeared in his stomach just to relive that moment almost on a daily basis.

The door in the other room opened then closed and the boy listened as heavy footsteps crossed the room. The owner had returned and by the sound of their footsteps, they weren't quite in the mood for a chat. Halting his own pacing, the boy stared at the only exit and watched as it opened. Strolling inside, stood a young, tall man, perhaps no more than twenty or so, but Ashita already knew better.

"Welcome home, Neru," the boy said, kneeling before him, his head bowed. He sat up slowly as the man strolled by, hands in his pockets. "How was your day?"

Quiet as usual, Neru looked down at the green-haired boy on the floor with blank yellow-green eyes. No visible expression appeared on his face prior to staring at the window that had been covered by a thick, crimson curtain. A small sigh past over Ashita's still partially swollen lips as he stood on shaky legs.

"Red is such a lovely color, is it not?"

The boy's sapphire eyes focused on the one before him but said nothing. It had been awhile since he had last heard anything not relating to him going back. It was somewhat of a nice change but only somewhat. Long, white hair swayed as its owner turned to face the other, a slight predatory glint in their eye as they approached.

"Do you think it's a lovely color?"

"Only if you think it is," Ashita replied softly, backing away. "It is nice only if you find it to be."

A smile graced the man's olive skin as he continued to advance. His own hands left his pockets and slid into the sleeves of a billowing purple shirt that had been much too large for him to begin with. In fluid motion, the article of clothing had left his body to reveal a well toned chest, several scars littering the man's soft looking skin. His baggy black pants rustled as he made his way over to the bed, crooking his finger.

Ashita followed obligingly and stood at the foot of the bed while Neru took a seat. His eyes studied the boy's weary face and cupped his cheek in his hand, fingers gliding lightly over the youth's skin as he focused on the boy's full lips, still swollen from two nights prior.


The boy pulled away and knelt down before him while the white-haired man stood, dropping his pants to his ankles. Kicking them off, he sat back down at the edge of the bed and cleared his throat. With that silent command, the small angel on the floor sat up and eased himself towards the person's lap. Warm, slender fingers went to work around the man's length, his other hand ghosting over the sensitive skin located on the inner thigh. Neru said nothing and Ashita leaned in close enough for the man to feel the boy's hot breath against his exposed skin. It sent a small tremor down his spine but his face remained expressionless as the boy's sapphire eyes looked up into his own.

"Do you wish to go back, Ashita?"

The green-haired boy stopped his ministrations to give full attention to the question that had been asked. He felt his lips part and Neru had expected a yes but received nothing as Ashita went back to his previous duties. His warm pink tongue licked the blushing erection, feeling Neru go tense momentarily, a success on his part. He could taste the precum and slid his tongue over the end, sucking lightly only to receive another shiver. The man was much more sensitive today than usual and Ashita had to take the advantage while it lasted.

He flinched as he heard the sound or something being shred before feeling the cool air of the room on his backside. Soon enough, something was drawing circles lazily along his back. Pulling away from the blushing erection, the boy turned to see a long tail moving counter clockwise along his spine, giving Neru the pleasure of seeing him tremble.

"Ashita." The boy looked up at him. "Do you wish to g-"

Lips met the man's before he even received the chance to finish. He blinked instead as he stared back into endless blue. The kiss was a needy one and he was not going to take part in any of it since he had not initiated any of it once so ever. Realizing this, Ashita pulled away and cast his gaze elsewhere. Silence filled the room previous to Neru clearing his throat once more.

"You cut me off."

"I-I'm sorry," the boy stammered.

The tail was no longer drawing a lazy circle along his backside. It had taken residence around the boy's slender neck. He messed up. It was a small mistake but, with Neru, there'd be quite a price to pay. Watching intently, Ashita already noticed the tan horns curving back against snow white locks as well the pointed ends of the man's ears. As the boy reached out to tuck away one of the stray pale locks, the tail around his neck tightened. Bruises would be left the next day, both knew this.

"Don't interrupt me when I speak," Neru hissed. Ashita nodded but did nothing else. "Now, do you wish to go back?" Blue eyes lidded halfway but nothing more. "Answer me."


The response died off as the green-haired angel exhaled softly, head tilting to the side. Rolling his eyes, Neru released him and watched as the boy fell onto him, gasping for air as he rubbed his throat. When he sat up, Ashita scooted away only to have Neru's tail wrap around his wrist.

"Now you can answer me."

Ashita rubbed his throat as he stared into the other's eyes. "Do I wish to go back?" His hand dropped back to his side as his eyes drifted to the shredded shirt that had once clothed him. "I wish to stay."

"Why?" The boy looked up. "Most would jump at the idea of freedom but , no, you choose to stay here." Ashita twiddled his thumbs nervously. "Do you enjoy pain? No, that can't be it, could it?"

"Does it really matter?" the boy asked huskily. "I'm here, right?" He eased himself closer, eyes remaining in their half-lidded state. "Be happy that I chose to stay this long."

Neru smiled, leaning close enough to lick the shell of the boy's ear. "Be happy that I chose to let you live this long."

The predatory glint was back in the man's eye as he fell onto the bed, resulting in Ashita sitting up right. When a thin, white eyebrow arched itself, the boy leaned down , leaving his ass to hang slightly in the air. One finger was presented and the boy leaned down further, exposing more of himself. Slipping a finger past the boy's soft lips, Neru felt a jolt run south as Ashita's tongue wrap around it. He wasn't going to hold out much longer.

The blue-eyed boy closed his eyes completely as another finger worked its way in. His only thought was making Neru as happy as possible. If he did, he would live to see another day.

Another day…His thought came to an abrupt halt as he felt something drawing circles along his ass. What is he- A moan resonated from the back of his throat as Neru's tail eased itself past the firm ring of muscles. His eyes opened to see the man below him smirking. Another moan, much louder this time, filled the room as the tail eased in further, stretching out the always tight walls. " Mmnn…Neru!"

Ashita backed into the tail involuntarily while Neru's hands held fast, keeping the boy pinned as he watched his partner's pale skin begun to flush. It was a nice scene but he wanted to make it better. If only he could find it…

"Ashita, wh-" He felt the green-haired angel's body convulse and it sent a jolt down south each time. "What's with you?" His tail began to withdraw but stopped right before it was out completely. "You can say stop, you know?" The one on top trembled as he stared down with lusty eyes. Perfect, Neru smiled, pushing his tail in further, gaining him a keening yelp.


A disappointed whimper came from the boy as Neru pulled out completely this time. The look of neediness was clearly on Ashita face, a rare look indeed. How long it would last was the question. Pulling his fingers out, the snow-haired demon sat up and stared at the boy's cloudy blue eyes. He didn't want to hold anything else back. No, not when the boy appeared this seduced.

"Neru…!" Ashita moaned loudly, bucking slightly as the man wrapped his hand along his neglected member. "Nngh…don't!"

His voice wasn't convincing due to the heavy pants. He heard his demon lover chuckle as he slammed his tail back in, hitting against the bundle of nerves that would send him over the edge. Sensing the boy's end drawing closer, Neru hit over the boy's sweet spot much harder as his hand moved painfully slow along Ashita's twitching length.

"Hold it," the man purred, holding in his own moan as he felt the boy's walls clamped down around him.

"I-I c-can't!"

Ashita stared down at the man, bucking into his hand in attempt to get him to go faster. His moving caused the tail inside to brush against his prostate once again and he heard Neru chuckle, enjoying how he was struggling to near his completion.

"Hold it," he repeated, arching his back enough for his tail to hit the delicate bundle.

"I can't!" Ashita whined.

He scooted back again and it was too much. Pearly strands spurted into the demon's hand and some even dripped onto his abdomen. The look of disgust wasn't even hidden on Neru's face as he pulled his tail out, a pop filling the room for a brief second.

"I told you to hold it," he growled, pushing the boy onto the floor.

"S-sorry," the boy stammered in between heavy pants. "It's just…and you kept hitting…"

Flustered, Ashita knelt before trying to get back on his feet. His lower half ached from not being filled but he did not dare to approach Neru now. He couldn't with the look of death in the man's golden green gaze.

"You're not done." Anger laced those words. "Get over here."

Fear outweighed the need his lower half felt. He didn't move. He couldn't and that only caused Neru to become angrier. Words couldn't come out of the boy's mouth fast enough. No, not fast enough at all. Neru's tail, the same one that had just pleasured him, was wrapped around his neck and pulling him over. Ashita tripped over his own feet and fell back onto the bed, groaning softly as a sharp pain ran down his backside.

Slender fingers grasped the sheets below while another moan of pain and pleasure escape the boy. He felt Neru slamming into him without much say or preparation. His walls tightened and that only caused the demon to move faster, pushing into him much harder.

"N…Neru, slow…down…" Ashita said in between pants and moans. "Wait, slow…down!" The demon growled in response. "Please, nngh- damn- slow down, Neru!"

Such a sweet voice. Neru smiled as he continued, not being considerate to brush against the bundle of nerves that would ease the boy's pain. He listened as a small yelp came from beneath him. Walls tightened around him and he felt a low growl at the back of his throat. "Ashita…"

Ashita clamped down around him, milking the demon dry before feeling him pull out, warm strands of white leaking out of his stretched entrance as he fell onto the bed. His slender fingers never released the soiled sheets as he lay there, trembling. He heard Neru say something but he couldn't quite pick up on the words being said.

"Are you satisfied?" He flinched as he felt the man stroke his cheek soothingly.

"What do you think?" Neru asked, pulling his hand away. "Go get washed up. We're going on a trip."

Finding the strength to move, the blue-eyed boy stood up slowly and hobbled over to the door. His body ached too much to take much more and he dropped back onto his knees. Why did he stay? He knew one reason but he wrestled with himself to believe in another.

"Can't you move?" Ashita looked over his shoulder to see Neru already approaching. "If you can't, why force yourself?"

"I can," the boy replied, getting back onto his feet. "See? I'm fine."

His lower half ached and he felt more of the demon's warm seed run down his leg. He took a small step forward but that was all. His body was tired and his mind was telling him to sleep. Heavy lids were soon following that order and he tottered. Instead of landing on the hard floor below, he felt a pair of warm arms wrap around his thin frame to keep him up.

"You're something else, you know that?" the demon asked, picking the boy up and carrying him bridal style through the house. "Stop forcing yourself to do things when you know you can't." Ashita looked up at the softer gaze the demon had. A very rare look. "Just go to sleep already. I'll take care everything else."

Ashita said nothing more. His body ached and was much too exhausted to do anything else. Hearing the faint rhythm of what he guessed to be the demon's heart, the boy drifted off to sleep.

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