Tuesday, March 19th

Really, it's awesome how our brains create dreams, create drama and plots and let them take unexpected turns. They aren't all scripted the same way, sometimes they take pretty dramatic turns.

Take last night.

For whatever reason, me and all of my friends (the boys, and then Becky, Cat, etc.) were following the school football team for an away game. Right there I should have realized it was a bullshit dream, ain't nobody following a football team for a thousand mile trip. But yeah, for whatever reason, we were, and we were a flight before the rest of the team, and the coaches and cheerleaders. Come to think of it…I don't think the football team even has cheerleaders.

We're there, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, maybe Barrow, waiting outside the airport for the next jumbo jet to sail down out of the cloudy sky and onto the runway. And here it comes, there are the lights. Dipping down, down, down. Here we go. Here they come.

Gosh, aren't they landing a little late, a little far down the runaway?

Skoosh. Or however you'd spell out the noise a plane makes when its tires touch down. There they go, down the runway, slowing down.

Gosh, they're not slowing down very much though, are they?

Gosh, they might run out of runway.

Oh shit, they're gonna run out of runway! They're going too fast! They're going off the end! Is this seriously happening, of all times, are we seeing a crash?

We start running after the plane – and god, I can still see it so vividly, it was all correct in my head. Looked like a landing runway, looked like a jumbo jet, looked like some swampy tundra.

The plane is decreasing speed but still not slow enough. It mows past the gravel trap at the end of the pavement and starts bouncing over the landscape. We're all praying the same thing as we sprint towards it: Please don't roll. Please stay upright. Please stop.

Oh god, no, it's leaning! No! NO!

The plane starts to list to the left. The wing clips the ground, and begins to grab and shear off, sending the giant jet into a roll. It's over. There's about to be a massive fireball, an explosion, and lots of people are going to die. And I'll have seen the whole thing. I'm not filming it, but I'll be on the news over the next week, describing the sequence and the destruction the best I can.

The jet barrel rolls once, and somehow, somehow, miraculously, lands back on its wheels and belly, fire-free and mostly intact, and skids to a slow stop.

Our sprint and screams of terror turn to insane exaltation. They did it! The pilot did it, somehow, they saved the plane! We keep sprinting ahead, arms flailing over our heads, screaming our collective lungs out. Unbelievable!

The landing gear is gone, the plane down almost flat on the squishy ground. People start to climb out, some scraped up, but everyone's alive. Despite running a mile, we aren't out of breath, and go on board to congratulate the pilots and everyone else still in the cabin for the greatest save in history.

I'm glad it didn't crash and turn into a disaster dream, I would have felt like shit when I woke up. Instead, I've still got some of the energy I had when I was sprinting down the runway in disbelief.


Speaking of travel, I'm still thinking about whether or not to do this ferry trip this weekend with Alexis and the softball team. It sounds nice on the surface, but that's a lot of money – a lot – just to sit on a boat for a day, then possibly turn around and come right back. A lot of money, not a couple of bucks like the airport shuttle is. I feel like I should be saving it, I'm trying to bank up a lot for when school ends and either college or the rest of the unknown begins. And to blow a big chunk of it on a trip that I have nothing to do with seems like a mistake.

If we were going up there to go skiing or shopping or something that I personally would want to do, that's different. Or if it was to somewhere that wasn't so similar to home. I mean, of all places for a mini vacation, I wouldn't choose Juneau this time of year. So for now, I'm leaning towards skipping it and saving my time and money for something's I can choose.