Life, the game

Or is it the game of Life?

Either way we are all just pawns.

No, wait that's Chess...

See, I can't even keep the games straight;

Or is it I can't keep Life straight?

I guess if I had a choice,

I'd really want to be the thimble in Monopoly.

I'd hide inside the bumpy dome

And nothing could pierce the exterior to get in.

But, alas no, in Life you have a car to get around

With room for passengers, the spouse and kids.

Note, you always have them in tow

But never friends; which seems too much like Life.

Again, in Monopoly there is always a Chance

That you'll share a jail cell with a Barrel of Monkeys.

It's just a hope you'll like them.

But our lives seem to be more of a strategy game:

Like Chess, Checkers, Stratego or Risk.

Though most of the time I feel Life has been more

Chutes and Ladders, Jenga, Scattergories or Taboo.

At the end of Life, one is left wondering;

Did I make it through okay?

Did I live my Life to the fullest or did I Boggle it all?

Was I able to get to the mansion

Or did I just go straight to a retirement home?

The only answer to the questions is to play.

Who knows maybe in this version of the game

You'll get a Yahtzee or Payday

Or even worse, it'll be a Twister or ...Farkle?

Oh no.

There I go again...

It's all just a game of Life, right?