The Studio A program we viewed in class was an interview with Patricia Hess. The program was pre-recorded, so my class was not able to participate as live audience members. I was not able to participate in any icebreaking events before the recording. I think the interaction between the host and Mrs. Hess worked well. The host seemed interested in what was said. Because I was not an audience member, I was not able to distinguish any interaction between Patricia and the audience. I can't really say anything about the camera angles and lighting from a live standpoint. From a viewer standpoint, the camera angles seemed to work very well. There were two problems I had with the lighting. At times, the program seemed dark. Another problem was that there was too much contrast between the black and the white in Patricia's outfit.

I found the program interesting. I found it interesting to hear an interview from the production standpoint, as opposed to the traditional interviews with the actors. I especially enjoyed the part about Patricia working on the Night at the Museum sequel. I also found it informational. I learned things I never knew I was interested in, such as some of the aspects of filming one production in several international locations. I think the questions worked well, because they were what helped me gain information. I am glad that Mrs. Hess took the time to give advice to aspiring filmmakers.

There was very little B-roll in this program. I think the video clips from Angels in America and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian that they showed helped move the program along. It also helped give me some context as to what happened in these films, especially since I had never heard of Angels in America before this program.