I think the interaction between Lyn Vaus and the host worked well. Rick Davis seemed really interested in what Mr. Vaus had to say. I think the ice breaker helped get the audience involved. It was interesting to see how the audience, Mr. Davis, and Mr. Vaus had little debates about the movies that people wanted to see remade. I think the information was well-presented. Rick Davis' questions and Mr. Vaus' answers helped me understand more about what it takes to get a screenplay written and produced, since screenwriting is one of the areas I'm interested in. I think the student questions also worked well. However, I don't think all of the students that wanted to ask questions during the filming got a chance to. The B-roll of the film clips was interesting. In the clip where Mr. Vaus was one of the actors, I wasn't able to recognize it as him.

I think the cameras seemed to be placed well for showing shots of the audience, the host, and the guest. I think that the lights seemed to be placed well. Some of them seemed brighter than I remembered, but only because I sat higher in the audience than I had in previous Studio A shows. The crew members seemed to do what they were supposed to do when they were supposed to. I think the crew was efficient in setting up for the show and getting the audience prepared as well. However, I think that it seemed slightly awkward for the crew to skip one of the questions an audience member said she wanted to ask during the show. I can understand it if time was running short, but to me, it still seemed slightly awkward because she had the microphone and seemed ready to ask.