Two fields of interest I have in film are screenwriting and editing. I've only taken one film class so far in college because this is my first semester. However, in high school, I took three years of TV productions classes. These classes were in a professional-grade studio and editing suite. The TV classes haven't influenced my interest in writing scripts that much because I've been writing scripts and stories since I was young. However, the classes have introduced me to the editing process on something other than Windows Movie Maker. The TV program at my school used Avid as its editing system. After using it frequently the last two years of being in the program before graduating this past summer, I'm worried that even though knowing some sort of professional editing system is a plus, I'll be somewhat confused when learning to use Final Cut here at Mason.

I haven't really thought about what genre of films I want to write or edit, since I enjoy watching many different genres. During my senior year of high school, the third year TV production class was similar to FAVS 499 in the fact that students had more flexibility with what they wanted to film and with their shooting schedules. The first project I had worked on was a short documentary/promo video for a local theater company that I worked backstage for. The next two projects I did were short comedy/parody films. The last project I worked on was a music video for one of my favorite songs. I think that maybe I'm most interested in comedy because that was the genre I worked most with during the school year.

I think, at least when I start out in film, I may want to stay in the DC area. Although I have family all over the country, my immediate family lives in Northern Virginia, and I have grown up in this area. Eventually, I want to move to the West Coast once I get some sort of career started in writing or editing. I'm not sure whether I want to live in an urban setting or rural setting. I like being close to where people are, but I don't want to be in the heart of the city. I want to have some flexibility with the hours I work, but I can't really have too much flexibility because I procrastinate a lot.

One of the teachers I had in the TV program in high school is a former editor for Discovery Channel. I'm not sure whether or not I'd be interested in working for Discovery Channel or one of its "sister channels" as a career, unless some of the shows I enjoy on that channel, such as MythBusters, eventually have positions available. However, since Discovery Channel is located in Maryland, I may consider an internship there.

For my senior project, I'm considering doing a remake of one of the short comedies I wrote, directed, and edited during my senior year of high school. The title I had for this film was The 2012 Apocalypse, but I'm considering changing it. I based the story on a joke that two of my friends in my astronomy class told around the time that the movie 2012 was released.

The storyline is that an ancient Mayan king wanted one of his scribes to create a calendar to help keep track of daily life, such as agricultural aspects like planting and harvest, and religious ceremonies. The scribe that becomes the calendar keeper travels from the capital city of Palenque to Caracol, which is sort of an ancient observatory. He worked for years trying to create the calendar, up until the assistant he eventually receives finds him dead. Upon hearing of the calendar keeper's death, the king and the priests decide that the last day recorded, December 21, 2012, would be the day of the apocalypse. In December of 2012, people start to panic about the world ending. The panic escalades on the day that the world is supposed to end. However, the day after the supposed apocalypse, nothing has happened. Life then goes back to normal and people try to pretend like there was no mass panic.

The production of the original version was hard for several reasons. One reason is that when I had the script finished and ready to shoot, I was unable to get a lot of people to play some of the roles, such as Mayan townspeople and modern-day citizens. I also had trouble getting together a crew for filming. In essence, I was a one-woman film crew for most of the shoot. Another problem I had is that during filming, the "Snowpocalypse" happened and school was cancelled for several weeks. I think for FAVS 499, getting people to play extras and to be on the crew will be easier to remake the film.

When I do remake this, I'm planning on including scenes I didn't have in the original version. One scene was in the original script. It was about students discussing their theories about how the world would end. I had to get rid of the footage because the audio was really low, even with a boom mic. I'm also planning on adding a scene to introduce the fact that the calendar keeper eventually gets an assistant due to old age. I don't think that it was quite clear who the character of the assistant was in the original version.