One day, Rachel Gruner heard a voice. It said that it was going to be a mixed up day.

After she got dressed, Rachel tried on some heavy boots. She started walking. Then she tripped and started rolling forward.

After she stopped rolling, she noticed a man with an unshaven face across the street at a train station. He was shouting "Shalom!" as he got in the boxcar of a train.

Then, with all the other outrageous events, there were flickering lights throughout the house. Rachel decided to get out the candlesticks. This was a big risk, since she was home alone, and wasn't allowed to use them alone.

After a candle was lit, she wanted to be a bit riskier. She wanted to cook some food, since she hadn't had breakfast, and it was almost lunchtime. She made and froze some green Kool-Aid Kool Cubes. Then she baked some brownies.

First, after the brownies baked and the Kool Cubes froze, Rachel ate the brownies. The whole pan. They were warm and rich.

Then she put the Kool Cubes in an old ice cream maker. When she turned the handle, the blades started churning with green ice. After she made her slush, she put it in her refrigerator.

Then, she decided to go back upstairs in her room. When she got to her room, she opened her unused stationery set, thinking, "I'll write a letter to my family in Argentina!"

After that, she went to bed and realized that her day was just a dream.