School has ended for the summer

The year is over

The first evening of freedom has come again

Visiting Katherine's house before she moved across town

Sleeping over with two of our best friends

We all walked across the street to our old elementary school,

Katherine, Jill, Lauren, and I, with Katherine's brother Sam,

And went to the playground

We spent a little time at the little one down the little one down the hill after that

After a few minutes,

We went back to Katherine's house

We had Popsicles

Katherine and Lauren went upstairs

Jill, Sam, and I went back to the playground down the hill

We finished our Popsicles there

And watched the sun start to set

From atop the ladder that stands alone,

I remembered an era gone by

I knew that in a couple months' time,

It would be the beginning of the end of another

We walked through the forest on a path that went around the soccer field

Jill accidentally hurt her toe

I found a baseball and a plastic crown

Both are sitting somewhere in the back of my closet somewhere

We found a small stream and a manhole cover

And we saw a semi-built new neighborhood

That night we saw National Treasure

In the morning, The Phantom of the Opera

"Everybody feelin' just fine.

"It's summertime."

-Keke Palmer