Waiting for the bus one afternoon after work

At the top of the staircase overlooking the soccer field, the baseball diamond, and one of the playgrounds

We always go sledding here

At least, when we get a good enough snow

We only got one little snow this winter, so far

It's been too warm

There haven't been big enough snows the past couple years, either

Except for two years ago

When we practically needed snowshoes, and school was closed for most of the month

It's just after school is over

Nobody's here, so it's dead quiet here again

And the field is empty again

But if there was snow and no school,

It would be packed with sledders at their favorite spot

There's one snow day in particular I remember from when I went to this school

In fourth, maybe fifth grade,

We actually had a day or two off

And we watched several movies that night:

One of the Indiana Jones movies, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and Inspector Gadget

And the night before, we watched Sister, Sister