The Time

After all that we've said

And the things that we've done,

It's upsetting to realize

That soon I'll be gone.

Our love was unstoppable;

It was pure and it was strong.

But somewhere down the line,

What was good suddenly went all wrong.

I was shocked and confused –

I didn't know what to do with myself.

Now I'm all alone,

And I feel I can't trust anybody else.

I feel like a shadow of who I once was

Because of how much you have hurt me, and torn me apart.

I know there's a blackhole

Where should be my heart.

When I'm around you, I feel myself falling.

I'm soaring through clouds, hurtling in the sky.

I hope for you to catch me.

Catch me, or I know I will die.

I'm no longer safe in my haven of dreams.

You haunt me everywhere – there is no doubt why.

Now I know that it's my time –

The time for to leave, and tell you goodbye.

A/N: I just wrote this poem this morning ^_^' It's another one inspired about my relationship with my ex boyfriend.

I hope you liked it (: