Learning how to feel

She felt no pain at the punch;

She didn't even sway.

She felt no need to sit down;

She did it anyway.

She felt no sorrow at all;

Tears streamed down her face.

She felt utterly in control;

She fell gracefully from grace.

Violins in her head;

Swirling, weaving, twirling.

The dancing shadows,

The Halloween theme.

The monochrome ballroom,

Bewitched by candlelight.

The monochrome figures,

In the recess of her mind.

She felt no vertigo at height;

She tipped right over the edge.

She knew not when she hit water;

Yet found she held her breath.

She knew she was able to swim;

She drowned herself instead.

She was saved by a well-known stranger;

But at her weakest moment, he left.

Throwing back her head;

She laughed into the cries.

The ballroom up in flames;

The black tongues of the fires.

She knew it came a-hunting,

The darkness bought her name.

Backed into a corner,

She let herself be claimed.

She felt no heat at the burn;

She laughed in the face of pain.

She didn't need to sit down;

She did it anyway.

She felt no loss at all;

Yet tears streamed down her face.

No longer in control;

A void of empty space.

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