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Just a short prologue...which I have edited for you. It's a bit better than it was.

Angels and Demons

What would you do if you found out that the girl you love at first sight was not who she said she was?

Matt and his friend Mark were two average teenage boys. They loved a bit of footy, they loved being a fool in class and they both loved girls. Matt already had a girlfriend, her name was Leila. Mark was still on the look-out for his soul-mate.

Even though Matt and Leila were completely in love, mark couldn't help but think that it wasn't going to last. He had seen many couples act the way they do and then their relationship breaks down a few months later. Mark didn't want to see that happen to his best friend, and had warned him that it could all end in disaster. Matt had told Mark that there was nothing to worry about and Mark had almost believed him-almost. He had also told him that he would eventually find someone, but Mark didn't have his hopes up too high.


It was a Friday evening and Mark and Matt were on their way home from school. They had both had an hour's detention after school for simply talking when they weren't supposed to, (though they had had a fair few warnings before hand). Bloody sanctions, Matt swore that they just did it to be mean and cruel to students! And were now having to walk home in the near dark. Matt didn't seem too bothered, but Mark knew that his mother was going to kill him when she got home from work. She always did when he got into trouble, more recently now than ever before. He hated it, but it was his fault, so he only had himself to blame for what was inevitably going to happen.

When the two boys reached their street in the middle of their now quiet and dark estate, they went their separate ways. Mark said goodbye to Matt and then headed for his house a little further down the street than Matt's.

Mark walked slowly towards his house. He knew that the longer he stayed outside walking to his house, the worse his mothers temper would be. Ever since his dad had died only 3 years ago, Mark's mum had been constantly stressed. His older sister was at university in Cambridge and money was tight. It was these things that made Mark's mum stressed out and want to scream. Getting detention was just going to make matters worse.

When he finally reached his house, Mark heard the sound of a rather large bird fly above him. He wasn't sure what it was that made him look up, but that didn't matter, he did anyway and to say that what he saw shocked him was an understatement. There on top of his roof was a figure. A figure of a girl by the looks of it, but that wasn't what had shocked him the most. What shocked him more than anything else was that the figure had wings. Maybe it was just a girl with a fancy-dress costume on? But that didn't explain why she was on the roof.

Mark was brought out of his thought by the sound of his mother shouting. "Mark Stanley, get over here now!" Mark looked down from the roof and began to walk inside. Mark decided to have one more look at the figure on the roof.

But the figure was no longer there...