Hey, y'all! Another story, I know. I honestly don't know where this one came from, but I'm on a roll! It's five chapters long so far ;) Well, technically four complete ones 'cause I'm starting chapter five, but…yeah, haha. This was just supposed to be a short story but I got a roll or something, so XD Yeah, it turned into more.

This also has a lot more sex than I normally do. It's for the good of the story (I think O.o) so you can see the life the main character, Terrence "Terry", lives. I'm super tired so I'm not going to say much, except I hope you give this a try. But if you don't like mature scenes, then this isn't the story for you because I plan to have a lot of them.

That being said…please reading my warning!



Almost Living

By: Averick

WARNINGS: Story contains violent content, sex scenes, strong language, and instances of physical and emotional abuse. It involves a slash pairing (M/M) and is rated M. If this bothers you, then please don't read this.


Chapter One: First Encounter

I didn't normally cut through the wooded park on my way home, but it was getting late and it was faster than traveling around. I usually steered clear of it because it had long since been an actual park where people gathered. These days it was mostly deserted, save for a few weirdoes selling drugs near the broken down tire swing. Just beyond that was the entrance to the woods. I stepped onto the dirt path and stuffed my hands in my pockets. It was a rather chilly night with temperatures dropping into the high thirties. My jacket wasn't considered 'winter-worthy' by any standers. It was basically a piece of fabric formed to fit over my arms but didn't really serve a great purpose in warming me. Hence my desire to get home quick and cut through the woods.

But having a light jacket was only my first mistake. Perhaps it wouldn't even matter later.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

It was nearly midnight. The moon was full and high in the sky. It shone brightly through the thin veil of clouds. I didn't normally stay out so late but I'd been at my friend's house having a few drinks and hadn't noticed the passing time. Not thinking myself sober enough to drive, I'd left my car at his place and had instead traveled on foot. It was only thirteen blocks to my place. About a twenty minute walk if I cut through the woods. Nearly forty if I went around.

Besides, it was a rather large woods at the edge of town. I would only be crossing through a small part of it, practically just the tip. I wouldn't be in there long and it would save me time. It wasn't like I was going deep into it.

There were no signs saying to not enter the woods. It was just a common knowledge that people didn't go into dark areas at night, especially areas like this. The tall grass along the thin dirt trail scratched at my pants like loose vines. Blades flew off and clung to my clothes with the dampness of the storm earlier. The dirt was sodden and soft but not quite mud.

It was common knowledge to steer clear of the woods. Parents warned their children of it, the park was deserted and forgotten, and here I was, marching through the woods at midnight on a Saturday night.

Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was the cold. Either way, there I was, clad in a light jacket, long-sleeved shirt, and faded blue jeans. My sneakers were covered in wet dirt. Not quite mud, but close. I knew people steered clear of here for a reason, but it just didn't seem to matter to me. I just wanted to get home and this was the fastest way without a car.

That was my second mistake.

A twig snapped nearby. I looked but saw only looming shadows from the twisted branches of the trees. Shrugging to myself, I continued onward. Despite the cold, I was in a good mood. Alcohol usually did that to me. It could make even dark things, like the woods, seem like a good place.

I didn't hear the movement. I didn't see the shadow. Not until it was too late.

By then I'd been tackled to the ground and turned so I was on my back. Knees jammed hard into my ribs and knocked the breath from my lungs. I fought to regain my air and stared at my attacker.

Except I wasn't sure it was human.

A wolfish snarl escaped the half-transformed face. I thought at first it was a dog but then I saw the eyes. Those eyes couldn't be mistaken for anything but human, despite the inhuman glow to them. Hands snaked around my arms, pinning them above my head. I stared and struggled only to have one of the hands jerk free of my arm and clamp tight around my mouth.

The face shifted and became human. The dog-like nose disappeared and the furry face left to be replaced by the face of what looked like a man in his twenties. Dark blue eyes bore into mine.

"Don't say a word," he hissed, eyes narrowed, a snarl in his voice.

I nodded, eyes wide as I stared at him. My heart raced in my chest.

"I'm going to let you up. But if you try to run…" His gaze darkened and sharp fangs showed behind his lips. "If you run, I will catch you. And you'll wish you were dead. Understand?"

I nodded roughly.

He nodded once and climbed off me. I lay there for a moment, trying to calm my racing heart, and then started to get to my feet. I stood and watched him as he paced back and forth in front of me.

"You shouldn't have come here," he said darkly. "You really shouldn't have. We kill intruders."

I flinched. "I didn't mean to," I told him honestly.

"You reek of alcohol. All you humans think alcohol gives you an excuse to do anything you want." He sneered. "You disgust me."

"I'm sorry, I just - humans?" I caught onto his words. "What do you mean? What the hell are you?"

His eyes flashed in the darkness. "I would bite your tongue if I were you, human," he said lowly. "Or I might just go ahead and follow through with the rules and kill you."

"I'm sorry," I said quickly. "I just…I was just taking a short cut! I didn't know I wasn't supposed to be here! There's no signs!"

"I don't care about your signs. We own this territory, human. Outsiders are to be killed on sight."

I swallowed and took a breath, struggling to think. What was happening? "So…why didn't you kill me?" Not that I wanted him to.

I was just kind of curious.

He snorted. "Don't think I won't," he threatened. "Let's just say if I kill you, other humans will come here looking for you and then we'd have to leave or kill mass amounts of people." He shook his head. "Sorry, doesn't sound like fun to me."


"You think I'm the only one out here?"

"Well…I don't know! I didn't know anyone was even out here in the first place," I said, shaking my head. "What are you doing out here? Why? Since when?" I had so many questions. I wanted to ask 'what' he was because that face earlier hadn't been human. I was sure.

"If I told you, I'd have to kill you."

"Hah hah. Wait…you're joking, right?" I glanced him over. He stood stiff and his expression was that of a stone. His gaze held mine steadily. "I won't tell anyone you're here," I told him. I didn't want to die.

Especially when I didn't even know what was going on.

"You bet you won't." He stepped toward me determinedly.

"Murder isn't the answer," I said weakly, my throat suddenly dry.

"Shut up," he snapped.


"If you want to live, then shut the hell up," he hissed, his expression intense. I snapped my mouth closed and stood there.

I debated about running. If I just took off, it'd take him a second at least to process the fact I was running. That might buy me some time. Then again he'd taken me by surprise once already. Plus he'd said he would kill me if I ran.

That was a lie.

He'd actually said I would 'wish I was dead'.

I thought that was actually worse. I couldn't picture myself wanting to die.

It was quiet for a long moment. He was so close I could see the way his breath misted across my face. His breath smelled of mints. His eyes were dark and cold.

What was he going to do? What was happening? I didn't understand. I just wanted to go home!

"What are-" I started but was again cut off. This time he jabbed me in the chest with the side of his hand. It hurt more than I would have thought and I hissed in pain.

"Be. Quiet."

But what's happening? I wanted to ask.

Except I thought he might kill me for speaking again. So I stayed quiet.

Moments passed. I wasn't sure how many. All I knew I was getting irritated by the continued puff of mints I was getting each time he breathed.

Finally he stepped away. "They're gone," he said. "For now."

"Gone? Who?" I didn't understand.

He just looked me up and down as though sizing me up. He was quiet for a moment before he shook his head. "I suggest you leave before they come back." Then he spun on his heel and started back toward the trees.

"What? Hey, wait a minute!" I couldn't believe I was running after him but I was. I wanted answers. "What's going on? What do you mean? Who's coming back?"

"Get out of here," he threw over his shoulder as he disappeared into the trees. I stared and stopped. For a moment, I watched the trees.

Then I turned and promptly got the hell out of there as fast as my legs could carry me.


The next day, after I took a long shower and slept for about seven hours, I called my friend, the one I'd been with the night before.

"John, hey, it's me," I said as soon as he answered the phone. It was probably unnecessary seeing as how he had caller ID but I felt like introducing myself just the same. It was how I was brought up.

"Terry, hey," he said. " 'sup, man? Did you get home okay? Your car's still chillin' here, you know."

"I know. I actually wanted to ask you something."

"Okay, what?" he asked.

I bit down on my bottom lip. It made sense a minute ago, to ask him, but now I just wasn't sure. "What do you know about the woods off Walker Street?" I asked somewhat timidly.

"I know they're pretty thick and go on for, like, fuckin' ever. No one goes to that park anymore 'cause it's right on the damn edge. Who put a park there? Seriously? Some nut job if you ask me."

"Nice to know. What else do you know about it?"

"Not much. No one goes there, man."

"Why not? It's just a woods," I said.

"I don't know, some hippie shit or something. Druggies galore, all that jazz. Rumors started - from the druggies, I think. Monsters in the trees, missing people, all that crap. Nothing was ever discovered, though. Or proven. Fuck if I know."


"Why you asking?"

"I just…nothing." Telling him would be crazy. There was no way he'd believe me.

"Alright. Hey, Rufus was asking about you."

"Oh?" I smiled and blew my black bangs out of my eyes. I'd been hooking up with Rufus on and off for about a month now. I liked the guy but he lived out of town so it was hard to see him unless I wanted to drive there, and my car was a piece of crap and barely made it through town, let alone to another town.

"Something about going to your place tonight to fuck the shit out of you, I dunno."

I snorted. Yeah, that sounded like Rufus alright. It wasn't that I opposed, I just wish he wouldn't phrase it like that. Even if it was true.

"What time is he coming?"

"Dunno. Said he was going to surprise you."

"Oh…okay." Well, it was nice to have a little warning, at least. "Thanks for the heads-up."

"No problem, man. Don't let him fuck up your ass too much."

"Har-har," I mocked.

He snickered. "I gotta go, man. My food's here."

I glanced at the clock. "It's only four."

"Yeah, but unlike some people, I work the night shift. I need my food."

I smirked. "Whatever. Talk to you later, dude."

"Yeah, yeah," he said, and then hung up.

I put the phone down and sighed.

I still hadn't found out much about the woods. There weren't monsters in there - lots of people had walked through the trees and come out alive. Nothing had ever been found to suggest anything wrong with it other than the fact people steered clear of it.

I was missing something, I knew I was. I just couldn't place it and it was driving me crazy.

Ten minutes later I thought I heard a noise in the kitchen. I entered the room but saw nothing out of ordinary. Sometimes my refrigerator made weird noises so I wasn't concerned. I grabbed a Coke from the fridge and turned to exit the kitchen. Except as I exited the room and turned to head down the small hallway toward the living room, I felt a blindfold slide over my eyes. Shocked, I flailed about and smacked against an arm but was then pushed into the wall.

I was spun quite rapidly and nearly tripped as I swung at my attacker. My wrist was caught and, using my own momentum against me, my attacker brought it behind my back. Then they snagged my other one and brought it back as well, despite how I tugged, and rammed me stomach-first into the wall as some kind of rope slipped around my wrists and was cinched tightly. The fabric was soft, though, and not terribly rough against my skin.

"What the-" I started and was cut off as something was shoved into my mouth. Something round and soft. The gag was fastened on and all that came out next was a muffled "Mmphhh".

I kicked blindly, searching for my attacker, but instead I wound up ramming my big toe right into the edge of the doorway. Hissing, I dropped my leg and willed the stubbed toe pain away.

I hated stubbed toes.

I felt a hand grab my arm and shove me forward. I nearly tripped but kept my balance, tugging at the rope around my wrists but I wasn't getting free. The rope wasn't too tight but just tight enough I couldn't slip my hands free without skinning them.

I heard a door close behind me. Only my bedroom and the bathroom had doors, save for the one closet, but it wasn't big enough to actually walk in. I wasn't sure which room I was in. I still had on my socks. The floor felt hard, though. My bedroom had rough carpet floors so perhaps I was there. Then again my bathroom had a hardwood floor. Maybe I was there.

Either place caused a spike of fear to snare around my heart. Why would my attacker take me to either of those places?

I shot my leg out when I heard a breath but only kicked thin air. Mentally I cursed to myself.

I was shoved forward and I tripped over something tall and hard. Before I could smash to the ground, hands caught me and lowered me gently over the edge of whatever I had tripped on. As my face touched the cool surface I realized where I was.

In the bathroom. More specifically, hunched over the edge of the bathtub, my face pressed against the bottom of the tub.

I couldn't push myself up enough to stand. My efforts just made me slide into the tub all the more.

Fingers slid around my waist and undid my pants. I kicked out but caught nothing. Where were they standing, then? My legs could only kick straight out from this position. I was screwed.

My pants were tugged down my hips and thighs. My feet kicked but even so, eventually the fabric fell away from my body and I heard them being dropped on the ground. My blue jeans. I'd just put them on about an hour ago when I'd woken up.

Something snagged on my underwear. I recognized it as scissors as they began cutting the fabric away. I squirmed but there wasn't much I could do in this position.

Finally I was hauled to my feet. My backed ached from the previous position. Next I felt the scissors scratching at my shirt. The shirt tore away and now I was completely nude. My socks had been torn off when they'd gotten caught on my pants when I'd been kicking my legs.

I was naked.

And tied up.

With some stranger.

And so very exposed.