Midnight on the Farm, Full of Promise

The sun has long been set, but the farm is still aflutter with life. The farmer and his wife aren't settled in bed but are instead sitting by lamp light in the last stall of the barn. Anticipation is rampant, and the horses are pacing; listening for a first whinny from a new foal. The expectant mother is lying on her side sprawled in a bed of straw. She breathes heavy, and her coat glistens with sweat as she concentrates on the task at hand. The farmer's wife leans in to her mare's ear and whispers, "Push." The mare's motherly nature takes over, and she presses with all her muscles - forcing the new foal from her womb. The farmer and his wife watch with quiet patience as the mare gives birth. They wonder about the young foal. Will he be strong and majestic like his mother? In the back of their minds' the farmer and his wife fear that something will go wrong and they'll lose both horses but they silence those fears and watch the mare for any signs that she needs their help. They are here with open arms and ready hands to assist wherever mother nature fails. The mare groans as she forces the foal's head out of her. It takes every bit of her strength to push his front legs free. The new colt's cries break through the still night air, slicing through the tension and calming the farmer and his wife. The mare continues to use her muscles to apply pressure until the foal's back legs break free and he tumbles into the straw and dust. Everyone is done waiting, and the mare sets to grooming his coat and calming his new nerves. This new colt is strong but tired out from coming into the world. As he grows over the years he will become a great horse. Building muscle tone and strength, running through fields, jumping fences and dancing - so full of life. But for now he falls asleep next to his mother as the farmer and his wife retire to their warm bed and vivid dreams.