D: Here's the one shot I promised

R: Full of sex, sex, and what was the other one?

D: Hot sweaty man sex?

R: Bingo

It's Called Improvising

It was a chilly fall day. Most of the people in town locked themselves inside leaving them to their own devices but boredom was always around the corner.

"You want me to do what?" Evan started to wipe up the O positive he spit on the dinning room table; he must have heard him wrong

"I said have sex with me" this time the glass Evan was holding fell to the polished wood floor in pieces. It took a while for Alex to come to term that he wasn't a human anymore but he could hardly care…but what he did care about was he hadn't had any sex! Sure he had a full blown make session with Evan but that's it! Not even a hand job but hell he wanted to have sex and having a hot boyfriend sleeping in the same bed with you every night could get frustrating.

"May I ask why this sudden urge to lose your virginity?" Evan watched from the other side of the table as Alex rolled his eyes and scoffed

"Fine, if you don't want to" Alex rested his head on the table, the cold surface soothing the burning in his cheeks.

"I never said that, I just want to know why now?" Alex looked over at the other and once again rolled his eyes. The one time he put out Evan wouldn't take it

"Never mind" Alex closed his eyes hoping the floor would shallow him whole. With a sigh Alex quickly made his escape to his and Evan's room, he didn't want to admit it but just the thought of him and Evan having sex got him hard. He closed the door with a soft thud and climbed into the bed…oh god it smelled just like Evan. Alex left himself harden even more…fuck it! Alex slowly slid out of his pants and boxers kicking them off the bed, he trailed a hand down his clothed chest, over his flat stomach, and finally in his dick. Alex bit the back of his hand to stop the embarrassing noises that threatened to leak through his lips; he could hear the slow beating of his heart in his ears. His body started to burn more when he started to think about the half vampire, a moan slipped from his mouth as he started to stroke himself. Alex had never touched himself before seeing as John was always on his ass but now, he was alone minus Evan (the thought made him moan again). Before he knew it Evan's tongue pushed its way into his mouth making him moan as he was pushed against the bed. Alex wrapped his arms around a strong neck pulling the other closer until their bodies were flush against each other, Evan's erection pressed against his own. Alex rocked his hips against the other, it felt wonderful but Evan slowly pulled away leaving Alex a lust filled mess on the wrinkled bed sheets.

"I'm sorry but I don't trust myself with you" Alex groaned and Evan came up with an idea. Alex looked up as Evan pulled him into his lap, sitting him directly on his arousal. Alex moaned as the bulged ground in his ass "But what I can do you tell you how it'll feel. First I'll have prepare you, sticking my fingers in that tight virgin hole, feeling around in that velvety heat for that spot that'll make you go crazy" Evan stroked Alex's weeping cock, running his thumb over the silt "Then when I find it you'll feel so good you'll be fucking yourself on my fingers" Alex body bowed as the pleasure started to build up "Then I'll enter you slowly so I can bask in that hot, moist cavern" Evan stopped his strokes to hold down Alex waist as he ground his hips upward "Then I'll move, pounding that tight ass of yours into the matters" Alex couldn't stop the moans that fell from his mouth, Evan groaned at the sounds "I'll be to busy thrusting into you that you'll have to jerk yourself off" Alex gripped his painfully hard cock and stroked it in time with Evan's thrusts within moments he came with a scream and Evan followed soon behind. Alex lay boneless on Evan's chest

"I guess you like when I talk dirty?"

"It's the sexiest thing in the world" Alex turned so he could kiss the other but stopped when sticky fluid ran down his legs "Eww…I'm gonna shower"

"Can I join?"

"Do you need to ask?" Alex pulled Evan into another deep kiss.

D: I know there was no real sex but it was hot right?

R: Sure

D: You should know, you wrote it! That's right people Russia wrote the whole sex part, so YAY!

R: Whatever

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