Hey there! Nice to see you all! I'm one half of TheMockingjays and I'm here to write (if you didn't already guess). Enjoy!

"I'm okay, just terrified."

~Myself (I know, it's lame to do a quote by yourself, but I just felt like it fit the chapter and I'm not going to do another one!)

Prologue: Terrified

It's a normal day at the Evans. Sarah Evans is downstairs, cooking a roosted chicken that, although she doesn't know it, will end u being uneaten and almost burning down their home.

Upstairs, none other then our main character sits. Natalia Evans, born exactly fifteenth years, three months, and six days ago, sat reading a book. The poor girl, her story untold until it's almost too late. But enough about that now.

The last living Evans is down the road, sitting on the bench of her soccer feild, swinging her feet from the bottom of the bench. Yes, it was none other then Kristen Evans. Only at the age of twelve and she'll lose so much.

Now, what about their father? What did I mean by 'The last living Evans?' The first can be solve with ease.

John Conner Evans died of a heart attack. It happened two years, seven mounths, a week, and three days ago.

But who's counting? Ms. Evans of course. Yes, poor Sarah Evans. She cries herself to sleep thinking about her passed husband.

The answer to the second question? Just read a few chapters and find out!

By now, Kristen's become quite impatiant and calls home.

"Hello?" her mother answers, putting the chicken in the oven.

"Mommy, soccor's over," Kristen said in her naturally sweet voice.

"Be there in a few hun," Ms. Evans replies, lowering the oven tempature to low. If it wasn't for the Evan's neighbor, eighty year old Claudia Smiths, their house would have burnt to the ground. But more about that later.

By now, Natallia's made it downstairs, putting her book on the kitchen table, and following her mother out to the car.

On his way to the intersect of main and Holmes Street, was Paul Fender, drunk and depressed. He wanted to the pain to end, his wife back, and the life they could have had together. Suddenly, an idea came to him. He pushed down on the petals.


Turning that exact corner was Natalia and Sarah Evans. The following event was no ones fault. Just dumb luck.

If Sarah hadn't turned their car, they would have died and this story wouldn't have existed.

The back of the car hit Paul's front. Lucky for him, Paul died quickly. By now, he's up in heaven with his wife, or down in the deaphs of hell, terrified.

But this isn't his story. It's Natalia Evans'.

Now where was I? ah yes, the two cars colided and the Evans' car swung to the side of the road. Sarah was cut by glass on her hip and bleeding badly, along with a broken leg.

It was Natalia's state that was worse. Although she looks fine, her head had quite the unusual injery that changed her story.


Well all, that's the Prologue! Hope you enjoyed and chapter one should be here in at least a week! Bye for now!