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The world breaks us all. Afterward, some are stronger at the broken places." Ernest Hemingway- Farewell To Arms

Chapter One (Ours): Fantasies and Fairytales.

Leave it to Kristen to make a scene. She ran into those hospital doors, screaming as the doctors held her back from her bleeding mother and 'mentally' injured sister. She sat on the floor, tears dripping down her eyes as she cried. A nurse of unimportance took her in for the night while her relatives were recovering. ~.~.~.~.~ Doctors walked by rushing when midnight struck. Sarah Evans' surgery was just completed, although doctors still crowded her to make sure nothing unusual happened. Down the hall, doctors have finally, after long hours, discovered the terrible fate of Natalia Evans. Two doctors walked out in deep converse when one of the night doctors walked towards the door, overhearing their conversation. "Fairytales? Dorian, why does it have to be fairytales?" the shorter of the two asked, staring at the ground, still in shock. "I don't know Tom. I don't know," Dorian said with a sigh. It was then that they noticed the oNight doctor. "Nightboy," Dorian said. "Check on Floor C, Section 3, Room 109B hourly." The nightboy rolled his eyes in response. "Dorian, for the fifth time, my name's Conner," he said. "Conner Johnson." Dorian smirked, taking out his car keys. "See you Nightboy," he said, patting him on the back as Dorian walked to his car. "Night Conner," Tom said, walking towards his own car. "See you Tom," Conner said behind him, walking into the building and signed in. Floor C, Section 3, Room 109B, he kept on thinking. Then it struck him. That was the Mental Section. ~.~.~.~.~ Conner ran up to Floor C, Section 3, Room 109B. Inside was a teenage girl, her blond curls hanging sadly from her pale face. "Natalia Evans," Conner read off her name tag on her wrist. He looked around, and found a folder with her name printed on it. He picked it up, and took it with him, carrying it out as he slowly closed the door. Conner didn't dare take a breathe as he walked through the halls and down to the workspace. He sighed, placing the folder down and opening it up. Name: Natalia Evans Age: 16 Date of Birth: November 15th, 1995 Conner sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "THree days," he said softly. "Three days till her birthday." Injury: Head slammed into window causing damage in the upper left brain. Her right side of brain has more power. She sees things differently, as if she is in a different world. Mental State: Believes she's in a fairytale. At this line, Conner dropped the folder and the papers covered the clean marble floor. The only thing that ran through Conner's mind was what Tom had said. "Fairytales? Dorian, why does it have to be fairytales?"

Short, I know. But now I'm going to explain to you how I write the rest of the story XD. So, above, you may have noticed I wrote in parenthesis Our. I did this to let you all know that we are still in our world. Next chapter, I'll do Chapter Two (Her world) and The title. It will take off form when she wakes up. I may sometimes have combined chapters that say Her World and Ours in the parenthesis. Hope you liked it and review!