Author's note: This is the novel that I wrote for National Novel Writing Month. It's an idea that's been in my head for ten years now and the first part is finally out! I hope you enjoy. I'll be posting one chapter a week as I go about editing and changing things around.


Of the Creation of Great One, his children, and the ancient land of Belenia

It all began when Great One opened His mouth and poured fourth His children, the gods and goddesses of old. And He loved them as His own. They were all part of His vision to make a world in which its inhabitants would love and worship Himself and his children. Each god and goddess had dominion over a part of his creation, and each god and goddess was paired with another, with whom they were to have a loving and honorable relationship with. There was Yolindro and his wife Yesindalia, Helatio and Kerian, Benedictus and Daimond, and Sinistro and Jasmin. Each of the gods and goddesses lived in peace and harmony with each other, eager to please Great One with their creations.

Then Great One opened His mouth again and poured forth a fertile land on an empty globe filled with water. This land mass stretched to each horizon, and was green and fertile with life. Thus the land of Belenia was born. And in the beginning there was no monsters or evil beings to speak of. The land was pure. From here Great One rested and let His children take to creating the beings they were to have dominion over.

First, Yolindro and Yesindalia created humans, beings that walked on two legs and were mortal, prone to death. The humans endured death however, in order to be led to Great One to live with Him in His Kingdom. The humans were hardworking, building large towns and kingdoms from nothing. With Yesinadlia and Yolindro to guide them, the humans grew and flourished in power and prestige, with a just and loyal king to rule over them, chosen by Yolindro himself. They created the kingdom of Beaumond, and there they remained.

Second, Helatio and Kerian created elves, immortal and wise beings who also stood on two legs, but were elegant and beautiful in their creation. They were tall and magnificent, with pointed ears setting them apart from humans. Only a mortal wound could end an elf's life. But from that, they were free to walk among Belenia as they pleased. Helatio and Kerian loved their beings and built for them a beautiful kingdom in a forest by the sea called Elvendom, where a king and queen ruled over their subjects with love and grace. Although these beings were mortal, they could choose at will when their time was ended, and sail across the sea to where they would be led into heaven. The humans and the elves co-existed peacefully with each other, often trading and holding celebrations with each other.

And lastly, Benedictus and Daimond created the beonis, a unique race to Belenia. These beings were shorter than humans, stocky in build and the men had a tendency to grow long beards. These beings, seeing the majesty of the caves of Belenia, chose to build their kingdom underground, though some chose to stay and live on the surface, growing food and providing supplies for the kingdom underground. Benedictus selected a family to rule over their kingdom. This race, while having peaceful relations with both humans and elves, chose a private life at the foot of the mountains of Belenia and in the caves, where they mined for precious stones. Although they were mortal as humans were, their lifespan far exceeded them.

Sinistro and Jasmin, not having the task of creating a race of beings to inhabit Belenia, set to work designing and preparing the underworld. They worked to make the underworld a peaceful journey to the other side, where Great One would be waiting to greet the children of His children. They designed the underworld to resemble a giant meadow which the mortal beings would cross to get to heaven. For the immortal elven race, Jasmin designed a beautiful isle which the elves would travel to, where she would meet them and guide them along a different path to heaven. Great One was pleased with their work and they were rewarded.

And so it was that that land of Belenia and its inhabitants co-existed peacefully with one another, going about their daily lives and businesses. And Great One and his children looked down upon Belenia and were pleased with what they had created.

Of the downfall of Yolindro

As many years passed on Belenia, the god of humans, Yolindro, became restless with the life he was leading. Why should he be forced into this relationship with his wife, Yesindalia? He loved her yes, but he longed to taste human flesh, to fully explore that which he had created. And so in the dead of night, he stole away and took a human mistress who was pleased and honored to have her creator sharing her bed. For months this affair went on until Yolindro made a mistake that cost his mistress her life, and Yolindro his sanity.

One night, as Yolindro left to visit his mistress, Yesindalia heard him leave. Curious, she followed him down to Belenia, and witnessed him with his human mistress. This drove Yesindalia into a rage she could not describe. She waited until Yolindro had left and then killed the woman. Immediately afterwards she went to the underworld, and told Sinistro of the woman's sins. Hearing her, Sinistro then led the woman into heaven where he told Great One what Yesindalia had told him. Angered by Yolindro and the woman's actions, he built a pit made of eternal flame, and threw the woman into it to burn.

When Yolindro heard of his mistresses' fate, he felt anger against his wife, Sinistro, and Great One himself. He went to heaven and begged Great One to bring her back, begged Sinistro to lead her back into life. Great One refused, saying "How dare you betray the woman who swore to love you always, the woman I made for you, and you for her? How dare you betray your soul mate?" Great One then banished Yolindro from his role as the god of humans, creating an isle far away from the reaches of Belenia for him to live on. Great One felt great sorrow for the loss of one of his children, the one that was most dear to Him. But He knew that if Yolindro did not pay for his actions, there would be conflict and unrest on Belenia.

Yolindro, trapped on his isle, raged and burned down the trees and dried up the lakes and rivers created for him, turning it into a barren wasteland. He built himself a palace made of burnt wood and there he sat for ages, plotting his revenge. The land of Belenia would be his. Great One would fall. All he needed to do was bide his time.

He practiced sorcery, evil magic he would use to undo his brothers and sisters, his wife, and Great One, his creator. He used this sorcery to make new, ugly creatures, solely designed to do his bidding. Goblins, and men made of solid rock called geolonis. Years passed, and while the land of Belenia flourished in peace, Yolindro grew stronger and stronger, biding his time until he could escape from his prison and attack.

Of the Rise of Yolindro, the fall of Elvendom, and the Prophecy

The attack of Yolindro and his armies came without warning. And the primary attack happened upon Elvendom, the most beautiful and dearest of the kingdoms of Belenia. While the kingdom of Elvendom had created an army, as a warning from the goddess Kerian against a possible attack, they were no match for the goblins and geolonis. The kingdom was destroyed, the royal family murdered by Yolindro himself, and nearly all of the elves taken as slaves. Helatio and Kerian tried to help their children, but were held captive by Yolindro, and watched helplessly as their beautiful creations were killed and taken captive, the kingdom they had built reduced to ashes. Hearing about the carnage, the beonis quickly abandoned their towns aboveground and retreated to their underground kingdom, where Yolindro's army was unable to find them. In heaven, Great One had gathered his children together. His plan was to stop Yolindro before controlling the humans. But it was too late. The human race was the easiest to conquer, since they were the race that Yolindro knew best. It was easy to get many humans to come back to him and follow him. Many pledged to serve him as soldiers and help him conquer Belenia. As he was about to control the royal family, Great One and the gods and goddesses attacked. But Yolindro was faster than them with his dark sorcery. He entrapped and banished Great One and all the gods and goddesses into the far reaches of space. With them gone, Belenia fell apart to the rule of Yolindro. However, Great One had gained one victory. Yolindro had failed to control the royal family.

Yolindro retreated back to his isle, which rested on the horizon of the fallen kingdom of Elvendom where he remained. He took possession of willing young lord named Desmond. His possession stalled Desmond's life, delaying his death. Yolindro then gave Desmond several elf slaves to manage his estate and began to control him like a puppet to gain entrance into the royal family. The elves watched helplessly, forced to do the biddings of those that had once been their allies. They prayed that one day they would be able to be free to return to Elvendom and rebuild their kingdom. But as the years passed, the elves soon forgot about their kingdom, and the land of Elvendom became no more than a bed time story to tell young elven children when they were frightened.

But there was still hope. Before the downfall of Elvendom, a wise elven sage made a prophecy which foretold of a young elf slave named after the elven goddess herself, who would lead a band of seven strangers to find Elvendom and bring back Great One and his children. She would be the one to bring about Yolindro's fall. Yolindro, hearing about the prophecy, grew fearful and searched among the elven slaves looking for one named Kerian. Once he had found her, he gave her to Desmond, who had her killed. And the prophecy was lost.

Over a hundred years passed in which the elven slaves put the prophecy out of their mind, just has Desmond was about to make his move on the royal family.