This is my Journal. It holds my deepest secrets and fantasies. Everything in her is me. So, if you choose to read my stupid little journal might as well, stop now my life is the least interesting thing ever. You might as well, stop now.

My name is Kristine McKenzie King. I am 16 years old and I am a social outcast. I have two friends. Too bad I had to move to a new town as of last week. Now I am the new kid. Everyone avoids me. I have already figured out who is the top of the pyramid and who is the lowest. Dylan Venice and Sophie Lincoln are the queen and King of my high school class, and of course I am the bottom. I'm not alone of course, I have about three other main groups with me. There's the chess team (No way!), there's the goth kids (okay maybe), and then there's the weird kids who make fun of the preppy kids (that's me). I have made about what nine friends. Their names happen to be: Hunter, Danielle, Brittany, Lynsie, Alex, Cora, Jamie, Charlie, Dale, and Stephen. The guys don't talk with me unless were in class. Fine with me, seeing Dale is up with the Athletes and ASB. Stephen just talks to me just not often. Before I forget, I should mention Dylan lives across the street from me, and every time I'm outside he seem to walk outside. It's kinda creepy. Now that you have a short introduction to the hell I live in let's begin.

August 19

I walked out of my house, and grabbed my basketball. My brown hair pulled back. I had on my P.E. shorts from my old school and a black loose tang top on. I was in my brown flips flops. We had just moved from Washington down to a city in the middle of the desert in California. I hate the stupid heat, and I burn so easily. Luckily, my parents brought my basketball hoop. I walked outside and stood at where half court would be and started shooting baskets. I heard a car engine start up, and as if instinct I turn to look behind me and there goes Mr. Popular. I rolled my eyes and continued. My phone begun to buzz. I picked it up, and saw I had a message.

'Hey elbows in. –Dylan!' Okay he's a stalker. How the hell did he get my number? I deleted it and went back to what I was doing. About five minutes later I got another text from Mr. Popular. 'Hey, you could be polite and reply. –Dylan the Sexy!' Okay this guy was obsessed with signatures and himself. I decided to reply.

'First off how did you get my number, and you're full of it. – Kristen the seriously pissed off.' I laughed as I pressed send. Ten seconds later look a reply.

'Your parents, and oh everyone know that I'm pretty awesome.'

'No, you're just an egomaniac. And goodbye! Delete this number or I'll kill you in your sleep.' With that I turned off my phone, and plugged in my head phones and strapped my iPod to my arm. I than went and changed my shoes to my running shoes and ran around the block about 5 times. Great way to waste time. I got back, and there he was. Gosh, he is a stalker. I walked in and he was standing in my kitchen with my parents and his.

"Oh, hi Kristy." My mom greeted.

"Kristen. Just Kristen no shortening. If you need me I'll be drowning myself in the pool," I stated. With that I walked down the hall to my bedroom where I changed into my bikini. It's black. I put on my board shorts and a blue destroyed tang top. I grabbed my towel, and walked out of my bedroom. There he was in swim shirts and with a towel.

"Stalker," I said.

"Nope, just being neighborly," He said.

"Don't you have a girlfriend who you could bug?" I asked.

"She's in Tennessee. So, might as well meet my neighbors," He said. Oh, joy. I stormed past him and grabbed a towel. I walked out to the pool and set my towel down. I jumped in. I sat at the bottom of the pool for almost ten minutes before my lungs demanded air. I resurfaced and Dylan was just staring.

"Dang girl! I assumed you were dead," Dylan said.

"That would do me a favor," I grumbled. I started swimming.

"Wouldn't it be easier if you took off some of your layers?" He asked.

"No, it wouldn't be," I said.

"Great," He mumbled. "Out of all the hot girls in America to be neighbors with I get her." That put me over the edge.

"Leave now or I will kill you," I said. He put his hands up defensively and left. Gosh, I hate him. I got out of the pool, and wrapped myself in my towel. I dried off before walking inside. My mother was glaring at me.

"Why do you have to be mean to the new neighbors?" She yelled.

"He is so full of himself. He thinks he can get any girl with a smile, or a text saying that he's sexy. It's stupid," I yelled.

My mother leaned on the counter and rubbed her temples. "What Am I going to do with you? Try and behave and be nice to people."

"Dylan's an ass though!" I complained.

"You have to be extra nice to him," My mother barked. I groaned and walked into the bathroom to change. I sat down in the grass in my front yard and read a book. I have decided it was gonna be a long year with that prick across the street. I put my head phones back in and blasted All American-Rejects into my ears. Stupid Stephen getting me addicted to their music.

When the sun started going down I closed my book, and grabbed my basketball, and shot more hoops. I did the same thing on Sunday to minus the whole thing with Mr. Popular. When I went to bed on Sunday night I had decided that tomorrow was gonna be a long day no matter what happened.