I shot awake in a cold sweat. Oh good it was just a dream. But why did the feel of Dylan's lips still ghost themselves on my lips. I got up and started to get ready for school instead of trying to sleep. I swear I would never usually do this but I actually made it look like I gave a damn about what I looked like. Okay what was happening to me?

I left the house early and decided to walk to school. I was halfway to school when I heard it behind me. A car slowing down and it pulled up alongside of me. It drove so it was next to me as I walked.

"Need a ride Kristen?" He asked, and by He I mean Dylan. I shook my head no. "You sure? I would hate to see anything bad happen to a pretty face like yours," He said. I flipped him off for a good minute. He pulled over right in front of me after I refused. "Kristen get in the car, please." He said

"I want to walk and clear my head," I said.

"Kristen you're going to be late walking at that pace," He said. I sighed in defeat and got in the car. I was not happy. He turned on the stereo and Black Cat by Mayday Parade played. I started drumming along on my legs. At least he had a decent choice in music. He started to sing out of tune and I smiled and shook my head.

"If you going to sing, do it right." I said I rolled down my window and turned up the music. I started to sing along. He laughed and rolled down the other windows. We were acting like freaks, but it was refreshing to know he was normal.

We got to school a half hour before the bell. So we sat in his car and talked. He told me a lot about himself and even what he dreamt of last night which of course made me a little uncomfortable. He dreamt about him and his girlfriend breaking up because he fell in love with another girl. He used a lot of detail, and the girl he described sounded fairly pretty and familiar.

"So what did you dream about?" He asked.

"I had a dream where I showed up at school yesterday and you spread a rumor that we had kissed and I confronted you about it after school, and then you kissed me. Then I woke up," I said honestly. I wasn't terribly embarrassed about it. It's not like it would actually happen.

"Wow, someone likes me," Dylan said. He is so cocky it makes me want to vomit.

"Just remember you have a girlfriend and I'm a good girl," I whispered in a way to much of a flirty voice before getting out of the car. I got out and walked towards the school making sure to have extra sway in my walk just to annoy him. He was starring. I laughed to myself silently. I'm a jerk.

"What's your problem?" Cora asked me. She was sitting awfully close to dale this morning.

"Nothing, and did dale finally ask you out?" She nodded happily. I smiled," good for you." My phone buzzed.

'Kristen, what game are you playing? –Dylan the overwhelmed," That's all it said and I didn't reply because it would ruin it. I smiled until I looked down the hall seeing Sophie and Dylan in a full out make out session. Now I think I'm seriously going to barf.

The day went by in a very fast blur, until I got home I found an envelope taped to my front door with my name written very neatly on it. I walked inside and into my room. When I was in the safety of my room I opened it. It read:

"Dear Kristen,

Your beauty shines beyond compare. I couldn't have ever wished for a better girl to appear. You make my heart skip a beat and your unpredictable and always my favorite surprise.


Your Secret Admirer"

It was written so neatly and it was so sweet, but so short. I almost didn't want to know who it was from. There was a knock on the door and when I opened guess who was there? Dylan in all his glory.

"what's that?" He said referring to the letter in my hand.

"Nothing," I said. He didn't need to know," What do you want?" I asked.

"Why didn't you reply?" He asked.

"obsessed much?" I asked.

"No I want to know," He said.

"Maybe I didn't want too," I said He groaned and stormed off back to his house.

What a drama king.


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