In this town there are two large clubs. One of them is Devine, which in her opinion is quite tame, even though these guys are hot. There's that guy with red hair and tattoos and that dark haired hottie. Mmmeow!

But the other one, the one in which she has been working, as of late, "Las Noches" is a place so wild and full of life. And her colleagues are so damn hot, wild and sexy…

It was a complete shock for Alice when her employer, Damian, also one of the dancers decided that she was to become his partner.

It was a shock since he is at most three years older than her. And he dances fantastically. His movement are so sexy, agile and feline like…

Alex, his friend works as a bouncer but it was strange since he had such gentle hands, that Alice could never forget. Hands that soothed and after a night of work and drew her to sleep.

She ran through the streets, barely looking at people she was walking into. Alice was going to be late. Damn school and damn teacher for deciding that another hour of Calculus was needed and very much desired. She had tried to excuse herself but the teacher decided to be a bitch about it. Finally the sign came into view and Alice slowed down trying to catch her breath. Alex looked amused.

"Are you trying to win any race or something?" he laughed as Alice glared at him.

"No…My damned Calculus teacher decided that my job could wait," she answered as he opened the door for her.

"If only she knew…She would probably give you so much homework that you would never have time to come around here."

"Oh! Shut up, Alex."

Suddenly gentle hands cupped her neck and lifted her chin. Something cold enclosed around her neck and clicked closed. She felt it's cold metal and the clinking of the chain connected to her collar.

"What's this for, Alex?" her question sounded confused. The chain was cold against her body.

"Tonight is S&M party. Your partner requested that you are collared and leashed. And also that you behave accordingly to your status," he answered vaguely and strangely formal. It was a long way from the joking and light chatter from before.

A sudden pull of the chain and her head was buried in a firm, sculpted chest that smelled so good, so intoxicating that Alice almost lost her footing. A strong hand came around her waist and held her up.

"You still come around here wearing your school uniform…that won't do. Tonight you are working dressed like that. I like it on you," The rumbling of the voice was soothing.

And that voice could only belong to a certain someone…Damian.

"Yes, sir," she answered lowering her eyes with fake demureness

"Well…now I have a new pet? Don't be afraid, dear. I love my pets. And tonight you are dancing with me," He smirked oh so smugly, pleased with himself. And Alice felt relieved.

This man, is so damn handsome, his hair falling with grace on his brow, the tips moving as he danced, skin glowing in the lights of the club. She has always enjoyed dancing with him, having his stormy blue eyes on her, his voice whispering dark dirty words in her ear.

He dragged Alice behind the scene, to her dressing room. The door was pushed open and Alice stumbled inside, her bag falling with a thump on the floor. The over coat that she clenched nervously in her hands was taken away, her necktie undid and thrown over the back of a chair.

She was forced to sit on the chair and Damian took a brush from the drawer. At every pass of the brush, smooth curls were left behind and Damian marvelled at their beautiful colour and texture. His hands worked at her hair, removing the bangs from her face, pinning them up along with small portions of her hair.

When he finished with the hair, he stepped away taking a good look at her outfit. The buttons of her shirt were undone, three or four of them, revealing creamy skin, and the dark blue lace of her bra. The bottom of the shirt was also undone, the lower parts knotted at the front right under her breasts. Her skirt was already short so he had nothing to do about it.

"I don't like those shoes, and I don't like how the collar fits you," He pointed to her flats while he undid the collar.

" I have a pair of heels in the bag. Are those all right?" Alice asked pouting. What was he expecting? For her to wear 15 cm heels to school? What the hell?

"Let's see," He answered as he sat down on a chair and she finally could take a good look at him. Dark hair falling in his eyes, making him look even more mysterious, dark blue eyes shining with mischief. And those lips, yes gods yes, looked ready to be kissed. His chest bared, no shirt to cover the flexing muscles and she thought how delicious it would feel to run her nails over the ridges of his tight muscles. And those pants, they hung so low on his hips, so maddeningly low...

Bending over, Alice started searching her bag for the pair of high-heeled boots she brought. Damian looked appreciatively at her ass and licked his lips. They have been fooling around for a while, getting each other turned on with lingering touches, and sometimes a kiss here and there. And their dances were what he loved the most, the intensity in her eyes, and that spark as he made her toss her head and look as if in the midst of pleasure.

"I have an idea for the dance tonight, but I need you to do everything I say," Damian said as she struggled with the zipper of her boots.

"Ok. Anything you say if you help me with these…" she answered frustrated.

Slipping from the chair Damian wrapped his large hand over her ankle and pulled the zipper up, their eyes locked in a heated gaze, as if he was undressing her not zipping up her boots.

She stood up and strutted through the room showing off what he made her wear. Damian looked at her with a critical eye. The skirt was hiding her underwear and that was ok for him. He hated when dancers were almost naked and looked almost like whores. He took pride that his club had tastefully dressed dancers. And he was one of them…

"How long until we get out on the scene, sir?" Alice asked a she applied a layer of sheer gloss to her lips, and gave a little fluff to her chocolate curls.

"Dunno. Probably 20 minutes at most. And stop calling me sir. I feel like a grandpa," They both laughed.

"Grandpa Damian…Sounds horrible." She mocked as the last touches were applied to her make-up.

"It's not like Grandma Alice sounds any better," he countered with a sneer. She flipped her hair and finally stood up from the vanity table.

"I'm ready." Damian rolled his eyes and mumbled under his breath a 'took you long enough' as he walked to the door and opened it.

She stood behind the curtain waiting for the moment to get on the catwalk and strut her stuff. She felt adrenaline pumping through her body, at the thought of dancing with Damian again. The two of them were so in synch and everyone thought they were really 'together'. And that was an act but neither cared much for what people said. Yes they kissed a few times and touched thousand of times and he made a few propositions of getting together in the shower "to save water". And they did, but nothing happened, except for a little touching and feeling but nothing more.

She walked on the glass like surface of the scene, her hips swaying lasciviously to the rhythm, as guys cheered and wolf whistled. Oh yes! That's what she lives and dances for.

Her foot is wrapped around the pole as she leans back and throws a glance to where Damian is, on the other side of the scene smirking at her. She lowers to her knees and crawls to a sexy young boy who is near the edge of the scene. With her eyes she beckons him to come closer and when his hand wraps around chocolate curls pulling her closer, she offers her lips. However, when he comes close enough she rejects him with a short playful slap from her little hands. He is pushed away and she resumes her walk, with her ass shaking to the music.

Soon, too soon, a hand wraps around her waist and she is trapped in Damian's embrace, his skin on hers. A toss of chocolate curls and she is face to face with her captor. A step away and the feel of his skin on hers is lost.

They circles around like felines, searching for openings to attack. When he lunges for her, a long fingered hand meets his, and he pulls her closer.

"You like that, huh? Fighting like a cat? What about arching like a cat, dear?" He asks sweetly in her ear and bites on it. The music and the cheers of the crowd of males and females watching their performance cover her gasp and her back arches.

" Damian…you…" She hisses as she falls to her knees and delivers a bite to his right hipbone. She smiles up at him and next to her lips small teeth indentations decorate his skin. They are even now.

He pulls her up and their bodies mould together, hips to hips, chest to chest. Her heart is beating wildly in her chest and so does his.

"For the ending, hook your leg around my hips and lean back," Her right leg presses around his hip, her heel pressing on his thigh, bringing their hips closer.

"Can you keep your balance like this?" His question is murmured against the bare skin of her chest where he kisses. Alice's hand clenches on his arm, as her head falls back, the very tips of her hair touching the floor.

She watches the crowd as they cheer for Damian to go lower to do something. She herself wishes that his hands would hook on her skirt or press on her back, simply something more passionate. But he stops there and brings her back on her feet. They both smile to the oh-so-demanding people and leave the scene, his hand on her hip, innocently hooked in her skirt waistband.

Behind the curtain in a dark corner he pins her to the wall and with a kiss to her neck he whispers.

"How about we do it on the bar later after everyone leaves?" His eyebrow quirks and he smirks in challenge.

Just you wait Damian…

With s gentle push he is off her and Alice walks away, towards the dressing room with a pleased grin on her face and a saucy wink directed to Damian.