Look, I can see a bubble drifting away
Leading to some place no one knows where
It is like life that we can lose any day
Leaving our loved ones nothing to spare

Friendship is a bubble, too, that can just pop
With careless gestures, one can lose the best friends in the world
Being alone, no one to talk to, into the cold floor you flop
And through your endless nightmares, you feel unfit in this immeasurable world

A bubble may live hundreds of years without air pressure
Like people, without inconvenience and distress
Without dispute, haste, bickering, and censure
All can be friends for sure, just loving with caress

Bubbles may come in different shapes and sizes
Like bubbles, each of our fate is a different door
Good, bad – it depends on how we cross life's mazes
With just one move you can change what's in store

In the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
We should all federate and join forces
Altogether we should be in perfect attune
Like a bubble staying strong until it vanishes