Now that I am just a twelve-year-old girl – a child, still waiting to bloom, to grow – I don't know yet my permanent role in this world. I am still changing myself, my body, my mind. I have so many plans for the future – for myself and for others. I don't know yet where I should be, where I should really be.

As that child, I am a different and changing factor to each and other different person. I am the smile that brightens other people's day; I may also be the frown, the scowl, which casts down other's feelings. I am also the fire that warms other's hearts and also the fire that burns them up. I am the wind that carries away their problems and fears, and also the wind that brings forth difficulty. I am that roller coaster ride – sometimes it's up, sometimes it's down, or even round and round.

There are times when I can make others happy. Smiles are drawn on their faces whenever I can comfort them or give them advices and drive their problems away. And when I cannot totally solve their problems or ease their pain, I at least let them forget their sadness by making them laugh. I also know that there are times when I do not please everyone. Instead, I become the source of their unhappiness and discomfort. But sometimes, I have given them experiences that teach them something in life. I am a study, an experiment. There would be failures and disappointments, wherein lessons are also learned. But with hard work and patience, I would then become a success.

Yes, God made me human, but what if He didn't? It's not that I am actually saying that I'm a very important part of other's life, but I think that their life would somewhat be different if I were just an animal, much less, if was not created. I wouldn't have helped others with their problems. I wouldn't have shared their happiness, their sadness, and their pain. I wouldn't have been that daughter, that sister, and that friend they had.

I know that God made me human and placed me here for a reason. I think that I am here to use the gifts and talents that God gave me to help others, to make other people happy – to be part of other people's life. Right now, my place here in this world is with my loved ones, in the hearts of my loved ones. I am a part of their memory. And their rewarding love and faith in me continuously make my life turn. If I were not part of any other's life, no mortal would've known me, loved me, and even believed in me. And without those things I feel like I am just nothing; I'm just the invisible breeze that pass through them, the dream that never happened, or just the familiar stranger whom, by each time, just passes and fades through one's mind and is soon forgotten.