Communicative Literacy: A Path Towards The Pot Of Gold

Infrastructures, institutions, economy
Why not add communicative literacy
To variables that measure what is more or less
Of a nation in global competitiveness?

The words that we speak and the little sounds we make
In the nights and days through which we sleep and wake
Are the swaying leaves and branches of a grown tree
The mind and beating heart of the human body

Through these little things we make a conversation
To people around us in communication
And so a country's tongue plays such a completing role
In its gathering a people into a whole

Still, be open to new things – step out of the box
Get off the trap; shake off the cold chains and steel locks
Learn what the outside world have to call as their own
And the first step is for their language to be known

Relationships among countries are made and set
Imports and exports here and there are seen and met
Because of having proper communications
Which led to understanding of many nations

Words and speech are not the only things considered
But improvement in the "how's" is also covered
Technology for better communication:
A need in this fast-paced modern generation

Communicative literacy's a factor
To achieving success; it's nothing less but more
It is a variable raising one out of mess
Let it, then, measure global competitiveness

Literacy in communication's a part
Of life's battle to win the dreams of one's own heart
It is path towards the pot of precious gold
The pot of success which all want to have and hold