This is my newest series based on a dream I have been having for weeks now. It is a weirder interpretation of the dream but I stayed on the same lines. It is the first series that I am going to write but I hope to have written at least 10 chapters by the end of the summer.

Hope you enjoy it!


She was not seeing this… She knew that she wasn't allowed to have this dream again. If it went too far in she would never get out and she would be trapped forever. What was she going to do?

The corridor stretched out before her. At the end she knew was a way out but she never made it that far. She was always alone. No-one answered her screams of help, her cries, and her begging voice. Just for someone to come and save her. To tell her that she is not alone.

Just the other night, the dream changed. A strange figure appeared in the dream beside her. Shadowing her every move. Whispering in her ear: "you are not alone, for I am here with you. Though we're far apart, you are always in my heart." This worried her. She knew not of anyone who would say that. She was losing less and less sleep each night just to see who this mysterious figure, that was always there, was. She didn't know that she was near him every day, at school, and near her house.

She would never have looked closely into the guy and left him alone for the one time that she needed to talk to him.


He was following her in her dreams again. He wanted her to know that he would always be there for her. He knew she couldn't picture him perfectly in her own dreams but he could picture her, every strand of her wispy hair, her bright green eyes and her perfectly shaped lips. She had not noticed him looking at her in school and secretly he was glad.

She was the kind of girl that kept to herself and never bothered caring if a guy liked her or not. She went on with her life, not looking deeper into these dreams which could (initially) change her life forever. Her eyes had changed over the years, he had noted that. They went from hazel, to red, to auburn brown, to gold, to blue and finally to green. He was tracking her every move. Following her, but not in the way you would think.

He loved the smell of her hair on the days she had showered; it was like a maple brown cloud floating around her head. He wanted her to be his but knew it wasn't possible while he was being followed by the one person who could harm them both.

He kept it a secret, his identity, I mean. No-one knew what lay under his russet brown fringed hair, nor what existed within his soul. No-one knew what lay across his back in a permanent scar which he would always bare. It was an unveiling thing to have this mark. It showed how different you were, how nobody knew the real you, and if anyone did they would most likely be dead by now.

They would never speak to one another but he knew that one day, and one day soon that they would be able to make it as one. She would become his…