The gap… the gap is a single line between the boys and girls of Adverment High. The head was a bit protective of all his teens that he was required to look after. But enough of that! Back to Jack and Lily…

Jack was staring at the gap. Who would dare cross it? His mates were quarrelling behind him and betting each other that he would never do it. He would never cross the gap. He was too chicken, too scared of all the girls. A bad boy, he would be if he crossed it but Jack wasn't a bad boy, he was a good guy so he wouldn't do it at all! Jack by now had become tired of listening to this witty banter by the boys. He reached his leg over the gap. All on each side looked over at him. Who is this random stranger crossing the gap?

"Jack! Get your foot back across that line, NOW!" Jack looked around and saw Mr Francis Screaming out his window.

"Leider Sir, Ich habe nur auf Deutsch zu hören!" He shouted back in his best accent.

Springing over the rest of the gap he ran through all the girls in a flurry. Why was he here again? 'Oh flip, I forgot who I was looking for! I think I better go back again…' He looked for the beautiful face embedded into his brain cells. She wasn't there! Now he was panicking! He had crossed the gap to find that she wasn't even there!

He paced back to the gap and sprung lightly back over it and realized with a pang of regret that he would be sniffed out by Francis for this. How could he have been so stupid? What made him cross that gap? He blended in with the rest of the boys and slunk into the hall after the girls. He was in serious trouble.

Like expected, Francis found him. He was withdrawn from the class.

"Why did you cross the gap, boy?" He asked calmly.

Jack looked surprised. Francis had never acted calmly in one of these situations before!

"I needed to find someone. Simple as. I'm leaving. Bye Sir." Jack answered.

He shrugged and tried to move off but Francis held him tightly by his shoulder.

"No. Talk, now. Do you think that the Gap is a good idea?" Francis raised his eyebrows questionably.

"No, I don't and neither do many other people! Especially the guys and me! Also the small groups of girls I eavesdropped on said that this system was just a hoax and a laugh!" Jack snarled in Francis' general direction, staring to get really annoyed.

Francis reeled back in surprise and looked Jack straight in the eyes. He nodded and Jack turned and stalked back off to his lesson. Instead of contributing, like normal, he sat in the back and rolled his eyes and looking really vexed.

He was like that for the rest of the day until his keen eyes found themselves staring at Lily, again. Why couldn't he get over her? She may have been beautiful but he knew if she got too close to him it would be too late!

The year was going to be hard for Jack, resisting the temptation to go near Lily any-more than he had to. This was going to challenge him to the end of his limits and beyond. It was going to keep him busy all year. What was Chase going to say about that? He was going to hang, draw and quarter him, aka he was dead if Chase found out.

This was going to be hard keeping his secret from Chase.

"JACK! Have you been listening to me?" Madam Rouge shouted from the whiteboard.

Jack lifted his shoulders in a helpless shrug still, no out of his bad mood.

"Why would I miss? I don't actually need to be here, do I? I come here by choice. Shut up for once miss and don't stick your nose into something that doesn't concern you!"

Jack felt his pupils start to dilate. No! He would change now, not here…