Well, I'm not the best in summaries. Sorry everyone. It's rated M due to yaoi. MxM There's also some violence/blood and language.

Summary: This story revolves around a demon that becomes rather attached to a young, self-conscious boy with a knack for attracting unwanted attention. That varying from other demons to twisted angels.

Point of View I

Hell had grown boring as of late. Sure, it was a nice place to be if you were a demon but I digress. Like I said before, Hell had grown boring as of late. To think of it, it had been this way for some time now. Well, I thought so anyway. As I continued to think on that notion, another came to mind. It's been about two weeks since I've visited the surface. I doubt anything has changed since then but anything was better than hanging around the pits watching the damned burn.

Pulling a few favors, since I'm lazy every now and then, I managed to have a portal opened. God, it's good to be a demon. Ha, I said God but I'm deviating from the point again. What caught my eye before I stepped out into the mortal realm was that the streets were filled with costumed bodies.

"How quaint," I laughed.

It was Halloween and just my luck; there was no need to change my appearance. Hopping out, I ran a hand through my hair, listening as my gateway closed. Glancing around, I realized I was somewhere wooded, perhaps a park.

"What should I do?" I asked as I stepped out from behind a few trees, watching as a couple of kids went by.

One thought came to mind but I brushed it off.

"Too easy."

Stepping out, some kid dressed as Spiderman ran by me, spraying silly string about. How I despise humans at that age. It makes my insides churn. I even think I felt my skin crawl before heading west. On my stroll, I seen several costumes that were, dare I say, impressive. Impressive but nothing scary, just showy. Halloween, the holiday dedicated to the dead, had been replaced with costumes of "sexy" witches all the way down to superheroes. How droll. There was even a demon or two-at least I think they were demons.

"Hey, awesome costume!"

I turned around to see a trio of teens. The first to remove their Halloween mask was a boy of at least sixteen. His dark brown eyes shone mischievously as a smile crossed his olive face. His short, spiky black hair looked like the endless black that I only thought was possible in Hell. While his left hand held his mask, his right hand fished around in his hoodie's pocket. He finally pulled out a camera and held it up, taking a picture.

"What are you suppose to be?" he asked me.

What am I suppose to be?

A smile grew on my face the longer I thought about his question.

"An angel?" I said, not doing anything to hide the oh so obvious sarcasm.

"You have wings," the second chimed.

I looked over at him as he started to smile. His blonde hair shone under the streetlights and made it seem like he had a halo. I doubted the boy was anything compared to an angel due to the way how he continued to smile. He looked no more than fifteen, sixteen at the most like the first. His vivid blue eyes gleamed with the same trouble his companion had though not as much.

"They look so real." His hand stroked the edge of one and it recoiled involuntarily. "It moves too! So cool!" I really don't like being touched by people. "Check it out, Sid. Dude even has horns!"

He pointed up at the horns curving towards my pointed ears.

The first merely smiled. "That he does, Mikey. That he does."

Both walked around me, one feeling my wings while the other one found something else.

"Ha! He has a tail!" the one named Sid laughed.

He pulled on it and I heard myself hiss. Teenagers. They were right under children. Not as loud but full of attitude. It irritated the hell out of me and I didn't need to be disturbed anymore than I was now.

"Hey." I looked towards the one named Mikey. "Nice wig."

He reached up and pulled on one lock. I snapped, surprised that even I lasted that long with those two. My tail snaked around his wrist as I glared at him.

"My hair is not a wig!" I retorted.

The one, I'm guessing he was Mikey, looked stunned and I felt all the more victorious as he looked down at my tail around his wrist. When he looked up at me, my victory was cut short as he grinned.

"You go all out, huh?"

My tail tightened around his wrist and I could feel that it was cutting off his circulation.

"I got it!" Sid shouted, flailing his arms about.

My attention went straight to him as I thought of rethinking the quiet notion of teenagers. "You got what?" I sneered.

"You're supposed to be a demon!"

I rolled my eyes. "Congrats, kid. You want a cookie now?"

I nearly jumped when I heard the last one laugh quietly. I totally forgot that he was even there. He stopped once he knew I was staring. Something was different about him and he smelt…he smelt rather nice actually.

"You laughed," I said, smirking. "You found that funny?

He nodded as he twiddled his thumbs.

"Hey, Alex." The boy stopped and tilted his head up a bit. "Alex, have you seen this guy's costume?" Mikey asked, wrestling with my tail.

"I-I…no," Alex stammered.

"Stop being shy and check it out!" Sid insisted.

"Might as well have a look," I said, folding my arms. "Anything you would like to comment or pull on like your friends?"

The boy fidgeted in his spot before he finally looked up at me. He was the youngest out of the three of them. Fourteen at the most but what struck me as odd was that he was wearing sunglasses at night, of all times.

"Your eyes," he mumbled.

"Excuse me?"

"Y-your eyes," he stammered. "They're nice."

I felt my cheeks redden, a first in a long time, and my tail released Mikey's captured wrist.

"You think they're nice?" I asked.

I was still surprised, even after he nodded bashfully.

"Yo', Alex, you alright?" Sid asked, walking up to him. The youngest of the trio nodded quickly. "Good."

At the word 'good' he slapped his hand across Alex's back. The glasses he had been wearing fell from his and he stooped down to retrieve them. He searched frantically as if his life depended on it. The blonde laughed quietly while the raven watched at a distance, smiling at the panicky friend. This carried on for a bit and I soon became bored of it all. Spotting the frames by my feet, my tail wrapped around them and brought them to my hand.

"Alex," I said, brushing off some of the dirt off the lens.

He looked up at me and my heart-I think I have one- skipped a beat. His eyes. I've never seen a pair like them on a human before. One was like the summer sun I've seen only several times in my life. Its golden color was a rich and warm one. The other was the color of moonlight, silver in its purest form. The most opposite of colors, yet they suited him well. His brown hair curled towards the ends and framed his pale, rounded face. He was…he was actually cute.

Say something!

My lips parted but nothing came out. I was at a loss until I felt my own hand tighten around the frames. Without a word, I eased the glasses back on his face. As I stared at him, I concluded that I really liked him without them on.

"Thank you, Kazumi," he said, smiling sweetly.

"Um, no prob," I said. "Later."

I pushed my way through the older teens as they continued to snicker from the earlier fiasco that had ensued. I swear, teenagers are so weird, yet that one with the mismatched eyes. He was different. Every aspect of him from his eyes down to his scent.

"What was it?" I asked aloud, coming to a halt once I was out of the trio's view. I sniffed the air and concentrated. "What was it?" My nose picked up on his particular scent again. "Um, it smells like… vanilla but what else?"

Author Note: Hope this wasn't so bad and easy to follow. The next chapter brings a few hints to young Alex's circumstances and how it only enhances his appeal to others. Stick around and hope you like chapter two as much as one. (If you liked it of course). Oh and thanks Shadowmark for your help!

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