Point of View I

"You're scaring him!"

"Excuse me?" the irritating winged one said, turning to look over his shoulder.

"I said, 'you're scaring him!'" I snapped.

"Can I kill 'im?" the one known as Firo asked, annoyed to say the least.

I'd love to see that stupid runt try.


That was Alex and I really couldn't help but smilE.

"Is he your pet?" the other teen asked.


"Leave. Him. Alone," I growled.

Heh, yeah, I do that sometimes I suppose. And hell, they weren't going to listen if I was going to remain hidden away by those wings. They were dingy grey in comparison to Alex's silver eye.

"Matthew." He gave me his attention. That in itself was a miracle. "You're in my way."

"Your point?"

My point was that he was in the fucking way. So, since I knew he wouldn't move willingly, I pushed him. He glared at me and I couldn't help but smirk. It was when he pointed his bow at me that I took a step back, careful not to topple down those stairs.

"Stop t-that, T-Tommy!"

"Alex?" I called, a bit anxious to step forward.


Why'd he stop? My tail went stiff; my hand tightened into a fist though I had to do all I could to keep from snarling. "Alex," I called, eyeing the arrow. No response so I held up my clawed hand. "What-"


The man looked back, folding his wings in the process. With those things out of the way, I managed to see a brown-haired teen, about an inch taller than the raven Sid. He was holding Alex by the waist while his other hand cupped his reddening cheek. When I looked at Alex, his face was a dark pink though he appeared to be looking elsewhere. As soon as the taller teen looked at me, the arm around the smaller brunette's waist pulled him closer, if possible.

I was mad but, at the same time, I couldn't move. His eyes matched Alex's silver eye perfectly.

"L-let g-go!"

I snapped out of it.

"Let him go!" I hissed, moving before Matthew got a chance to shoot.

Those damn arrows hurt!

And, you know, I would've gotten to the pair of brunettes if the redhead dressed in white hadn't cut me off. His back was to me, which I found to be rather stupid, though Alex's reaction to him had made me a bit wary. Something was off and I soon picked up on a very disturbing scent.

"Forty-three, ya' touch 'im and I'll kill ya'."

He looked over his shoulder and I couldn't stop my tail from curling around my leg as I stared at a pair of glinting gold eyes. They matched Alex's other eye, save the slit pupils.

The one known as Firo held up a clawed hand and flexed it slowly.


Damn, I couldn't even finish. Yeah, he was smaller than me but this was actually bad.

As he took a steep forward, I took one back. He leered at me, showing a sharp canine before coming to a stop.

"Imma what?" he hissed, pushing his glasses along the bridge of his nose.

"Firo~" I glanced at the silver-eyed teen dressed in black. "It's fine, you know?"

The redhead waved him off. "Look at me," he growled. I did so as soon as he took another step forward. "What were ya' gonna' say?" My tail tightened. Damn giveaway. "Answer me!" My reply was barely a whisper. "What?"

I jumped. "Y-you're a s-six."

His lips curved upwards to expose his sharpened teeth before becoming flat. "Touch what's mine and I'll kill ya', got tha'?"

"Yours?" I asked softly, pissing myself off in the process.

"L-let go!"

I looked over at Alex then Firo. "He's not yours!"

The one in white leaned forward, crouching almost. "Repeat tha'!"

I wanted to take a step back but I willed myself to stay in place. That fight or flight response was working in overdrive.

"You low-ranking-"

I would've snapped at him for that but damn; he was a freaking six plus someone else already cut in.

"Leave him alone!" Alex shouted.

A hand soon clamped over his mouth.

"Shh…" Tommy said as gold eyes darted their way.

I looked over at Alex and watched him turn his head.

Poor kid…

"Firo." I looked at the silver-eyed teen then at the redhead he had called. "Come on," the brunette said with a faint smile in his voice. "You're better than this." A low growl came as the response. "Plus, you're starting to scare me a bit…"

I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as I watched the six take a step back, dropping his clawed hand to his side in the process. His slit pupils dilated until they were round once more. Adjusting his glasses one last time, the redhead slid his hands into his pockets as he made his way over to the other two teens.

"I scared ya'?" he asked.

Now he was being all sympathetic? What the hell? He would've mauled my ass to death a few seconds ago but now; now, he's all worried about scaring the other one?

Another thing hit me.


He had a name. He had a name! So…he was a six with a name? It probably was not that big of a name but I didn't even think that single digit ranks received a name. Well, not unless they made the top five ranks. Sure, six was one off from five but still!

He was a six with a name. Did that mean he was attached to that silver-eyed kid? Wow, that would definitely be something to tell F1. I wonder if he was ok… And…and-

"Just a bit," Tommy replied.


"I'll forgive you if you do something for me," the brunette said.

There was something hidden in his voice as he said that.

"What's…tha'?" Firo asked slowly.

"You admit that you're jealous of Alex being cute," the silver-eyed teen laughed.

I rolled my eyes. He couldn't have been serious. I mean, Alex really was cute. Freaking cute. Do- I'm getting ahead of myself.

I glanced at the man in grey. He was just standing there so, again, I rolled my eyes before focusing on the trio of teens.

A punch to the shoulder made Tommy stop laughing. It even made him release Alex, who, instead of running to his room, ran over to me. I thought that was kind of odd but it really was endearing nevertheless.

"Look what you did, Firo!"

"Don't care and ya' deserved it!" the redhead hissed.

I might have to rethink my thoughts on those two being attached…

"Es dormientes solus!"

"Wait, what?" Tommy said quickly. "Let's not be too hasty, Firo~!"

I'm not too sure what the redhead said but by how the brunette was acting, it probably wasn't too good.

Said six just growled, glancing at me then Alex. "Get ova' here."

Alex took a step back and I placed my hand on his shoulder. "Stay here," I told him.

He simply nodded and stood behind me.

"Disobedient, lil' brat," the redhead hissed, stepping forward.

"Watch it," I growled back, throwing caution to the wind. "You're just scaring him!"

"Hold ya' tongue before I rip it out!"

He held up a hand that was clawed to add emphasis to his claim. No, his threat. Hell, his promise really. Yes, that was definitely a promise. He'd do it. All sixes tend to have anger issues. Firo was definitely no exception. So…he'd follow through with it unless bound otherwise.

"Ya' keep quiet, got tha'?"

I gritted my teeth but wound up not saying anything for my sake as well as Alex's.


"What?" he snapped as he started walking towards me and the one behind me.

He had yet to put down his hand and I wrapped my tail around Alex's waist unknowingly.


"What?" he growled, looking to his right, my left, before lowering his hand.

"Cool it or else," Matthew said, pointing the bow at him.

Well, damn. That was new.

A/N: Hi, hi. It's me, Tenshi no Yami. Well, duh, who else? Anyway, my partner in crime, Shadowmark is giving the Alex role a rest. *she's got stuff to write herself :)* That being said, the next few chapters shall be written in third-person. Sorry for the inconsistency but, eh. The story must go on!

Again, here's the Latin translations:

"…paenitet."- "...sorry."

"Es dormientes solus!"- "You're sleeping alone!"

And with that, this ends Chapter 21!