They were in the park one moment. That of which Kazumi was sure, but the next thing he knew was that he had been thrown into a high-backed chair quite hard. Not knowing where he was, he suppressed a bitter growl as his clawed fingers began to dig their way into the wooden armrests.

"You'll lose those fingers if you continue to do that." Violet eyes shifted to see the black haze he had seen in the park back on the surface. "It's imported wood," a man said as he brushed off some of the mist that had been hovering about his shoulders.

Dark golden eyes then focused on the white-haired demon the moment the man brushed black bangs from out of his face. Pulling out pair of rimless glasses, the raven put them in place before adjusting his red tie followed by the cufflinks at the end of his sleeves.

Noticing the suit he was wearing, Kazumi then looked around the room to see that the two of them were currently in what appeared to be an office. A desk was sat not too far off ahead of him with another similar high-backed chair. The table top had an array of books, some open while others were closed; several stacks of papers were placed at the end. Hearing steps along the black tiled floor, the forty-three looked behind him to see another, a servant from the looks of their apparel, setting down a platter that held a steaming cup of who knew what before slipping behind a large pair of ornate doors.


"Kazumi." Said demon's tail wrapped along one of the chair's leg. "What rank are you?"


Hearing a chuckle, Kazumi dug his nails in the chair again as he averted his eyes. "What did I tell you about doing that to the furniture?"

That voice sounded much too close and unnerved by it, Kazumi slowly turned to see the other standing in front of him, an eyebrow raised.

"Stop clawing at my at office chair." As the other took another step forward, the one seated pressed his head back against the chair he was in. Yellow eyes glinted in the light provided by the candles of the chandelier above before a smile crossed the man's face. "You're scared."

"Am not," the purple-eyed male shot back.

"You're lying," the raven stated as he leaned down to be at eyelevel. He earned a low snarl. "I can see, smell, and taste it. So, let's be truthful, shall we?"

Watching as the man's eyes closed with the intensity of his smile, Kazumi inched back into his seat more. The raven before him had manhandled him and was now getting way too close for comfort.

But, hey, he said to be truthful.

"You know my name." The one with yellow eyes nodded. "What's yours?"

"Vincent Alexander van Windsor."

"…van Windsor?" the other replied. 'van Windsor…?" Kazumi let the name roll off his tongue as he tried to decipher the name. The man had a first, middle, and last name so he had to be in one of the top five ranks. 'Unless someone named him,' his thoughts reminded him.

"No one named me."


"No one named me," Vincent reiterated as he tilted his head. "Unlike you, Kazumi. Care to tell me who gave you that title?"

"That's none of your business."

"What's the kid's name?"

"I-I never said it was a kid."

"Do you even know how old I am? Everyone's a kid at my age," the raven said, his voice taking on a more mischievous edge. "But now I'm positive it's a kid." Tapping a finger against his bottom lip, he then placed the same finger along the white-haired demon's lip. "Tell me or I'll have to use a more drastic approach."

"I said that it was none of your business."

As his eyes opened, Kazumi stared at the pair of slit pupils focused on him. He had seen them from afar before but never thought he'd have to stare at them so closely. It was just creepy and he knew he was somewhat disturbed by how tightly his tail had gripped the leg of the chair. The man was just getting closer and closer.

"Tell me."

"I said no!" he growled before having his chin captured between Vincent's thumb and forefinger.

"Suit yourself," the raven uttered prior to running a blue tongue along his bottom lip.

"Wait, wha-?"

Amethyst-colored eyes widened dramatically as a pair of lips slanted over his. Pushing at the man's chest, a low growl caught in the back of Kazumi's throat as he felt the other's oddly colored tongue try to pry its way past his clenched teeth. And watching as the yellow-eyed man pressed his hand against the back of the chair, the lower rank tried to turn his head around. The higher ranking demon's grip was strong albeit but with just two fingers was ridiculous.

Growling louder, Kazumi bit down on the offending appendage. Glaring at the man that was pressing a finger to his bleeding tongue, the demon kicked his foot out, simply to have it grabbed. Trying again, the white-haired male's lip curled upwards as the same happened with his other foot. When both were lowered onto the ground, a hand grabbing at his throat had him hiss.

"Behave yourself." Kazumi snarled in response. "Learn to listen to your superiors," Vincent stated, "and relax because you'd probably enjoy this."

"How could I-"

Lips slanting over his again had the seated one growling. The sudden tightening of the hand at his neck had the demon gasping, resulting in him opening his mouth. And before he could close it, the blue tongue slipped inside.

Pushing at the man's chest, Kazumi snarled again though it seemed to have lost its bite. As the hand at his throat released him, the demon tilted his head back as a finger traced up to rest beneath his chin.

'What the-?'

Feeling his tail starting to slacken, Kazumi slowly dropped his hands to his sides as his head was tilted back further.

Kazumi could honestly say he didn't know the guy but the kiss was actually nice.

Heh, who was he kidding?

The kiss was fucking amazing.

Bringing a hand back up to grasp the front of the man's suit, purple eyes cracked open to see the yellow pair open and watching. Panic should've been the first thing to flit through the white-haired man's mind but it was actually one of the furthest things. Anger should've been present but with his mind getting fuzzier and fuzzier, he didn't really feel like expressing any animosity.

If anything, he just wanted that kiss to last a bit longer. He didn't mind the blue appendage poking around his mouth. It was actually nice being on the receiving end. Then there was the smell that seemed to waft off the raven. He smelled of…of vanilla but what else?

'Wait, someone else smells like this…'

Lowering his head an inch or so, cloudy eyes tried to focus themselves on the one above. Vincent smelled so familiar. The gold coloring of his eyes was probably the same as Firo's but somehow they were just a bit more intoxicating.

When cool air blew against the forty-three's lips, Kazumi blinked, realizing the other had pulled away. Seeing the smirk on the other's face, the demon snagged the front of his dress shirt, not wanting the kiss to be over just yet.

'Not yet,' his mind told him as he initiated the next one. '…just…not yet.'

Vincent simply chuckled as he stared down at the lower-ranked man beneath him. This all actually seemed much too easy from when he had first spotted Kazumi in the park. He just seemed so out of it but hell; he'd admit that the demon wasn't really all that bad at kissing.

But he needed to get back to work.

Pulling away, he glanced at the thin string of saliva connecting the two of them before noting the flushed expression. Smiling at the unfocused eyes, the raven ran his tongue over his bottom lip as he stood up.

"Got it."

" what?" Kazumi asked, a bit vexed as the haze in his mind started to clear.

"His name is Alexander."


"The one that named you is Alexander," Vincent stated before he licked his lip again. "He…he first called you that on Halloween." Gold eyes flickered ominously after it became quiet. "He was attacked…he was attacked by a twenty-two and-so…that was you that killed my twenty-two?"

Kazumi shrank back in his seat. 'How the hell does he know that?!' Panic made itself known on his face before anger took its place. "Your twenty-two could've killed him!"

"I didn't think he'd actually do something like that."

"Didn't th-are you crazy?!" Kazumi snapped. "He could've killed him!" Throwing caution to the wind, he rose from his seat to look the other in the eye, though he still stood about two inches shorter. "This is your fault!"

"The two angels weren't present because of a door." The forty-three just clenched his jaw. "But you protected him. Why did you do that?" Kazumi looked down. "You were lured in with those eyes, weren't you?" Purple eyes looked up to see the raven remove his glasses. "Everyone seems to be. Be it human, demon or angel. But tell me this; would you do what the twenty-two or the angel did?"

"No." The yellow eyes narrowed. "No," Kazumi repeated, "I wouldn't stoop to those methods."

"So you would try a different approach?"

"Yes-" Vincent narrowed his eyes again. "I mean, I wouldn't do anything to hurt him." Bringing his tail up, the forty-three held it in his hands. "He's already been through a lot. He's already been scared to death. Hell, someone already tried to kill him…I just…"

"You want to see him alive?"


"Happy?" Kazumi nodded. "Safe?"


"I see," Vincent said. "Well, I, Vincent Alexander van Windsor, leave dear Alexander Windsor in your care. Please, make sure he's ok and that nothing else happens to him."

"I will-wait a minute. What did you say?"

"I'm asking you take care of Alexander. You seem to be the only one that doesn't too get carried away, besides the other two angels, when you see his eyes."

"But…but…what did you call him?"

"Alexander Windsor," Vincent said slowly.

"Alexander Windsor?"

The raven nodded. "His full name is Alexander Vexis Windsor." Running a hand through his short, black hair, the man slid his glasses onto his face. "As a four, my schedule is rather nonstop so I'm not there to watch him myself. What with the contracts and the…"

Kazumi stopped listening after hearing the man's rank. Fours were in charge of Faustus contracts, soul deliverance, and relaying information. They were one of the busiest factions in Hell itself. Their methods in gaining information were rather unorthodox and mysterious, sometimes leaving even the higher ranks in confusion but they were still quite efficient and reliable when in their good graces.

The "van Windsor" name was actually one of the best in Hell. How Kazumi failed to remember was a mystery in itself. His head still swam after he had kissed the man.

Wait, he had kissed him.

"van Windsor?" Vincent hummed his acknowledgement. "Vincent Alexander van Windsor?"

"That is my name," he said as he raised an eyebrow. Seeing how the corner of Kazumi's eye started to twitch, the man couldn't quite stifle a chuckle. "Don't tell me you're just catching on."


"C'mon, make the connection," the four said with mirth.

"You're Alex's father?!"

"Bingo," Vincent said as he circled around to retrieve the teacup that had been brought in some time ago.

Falling back into the seat, Kazumi raked his fingers through his hair before glancing back at the demon drinking from the cup.

He kissed the teen's father and the scary thing about it was that he actually liked it.

"Fuck…" he breathed as he wished the floor would just open to swallow him up.

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