'What are you doing?' Violet eyes stared back at the half-lidded gold and silver pair. 'He's just a kid! He's the child of an angel and a demon! ' Kazumi's mind chided. 'Stop it!'

Pulling away, the raven sat up to watch as Alex slowly touched his bottom lip. His eyes looked clouded though the blush starting to dust his pale face was absolutely cute and it seemed to be darkening by the second. When the teen looked upwards, a distant look appeared in his eyes prior to him placing a hand on his chest.

"Why…?" he breathed.

"Why what?" Kazumi asked.

"Why…am I going to forget?" The man chewed his lower lip before feeling a small pang in his chest. "It's not fair," Alex murmured before focusing on the demon. "…hurts…"

"Alex," he sighed as the teen hung his head, "c'mon, it'll be ok."

With no response, Kazumi's tail eased forward and slid beneath Alex's chin, tilting it up. Seeing the small stream of tears running down his face, the demon sighed mentally prior to running his thumb slowly beneath the silvery eye. And when more continued to fall, Kazumi leaned forward, wiping away the tears from the gold before kissing Alexander's forehead.

Easing back, the taller of the two stopped as slender fingers grasped the folds of his shirt. Dropping his gaze for a moment, purple eyes then looked to see the other lowering his head.

"It's not…fair," Alex said hardly over a whisper as he pulled himself onto his feet. "I-I'll forget sooner or later." He then made his way over to the window, pushing aside the curtains to look out at the passing cars. "What if I forget today?" he added quietly.

"You're not going to forget," Kazumi stated as he got to his feet and made his way over. "I'm not going to let you."


"Listen to me." He spun the kid around, earning a half startled yelp. "You won't forget," Kazumi said before he pressed a kiss to the teen's brow. "I won't let you."

"Kazumi, I-"

Giving the other another kiss, the demon pulled away to see exotic eyes lidded once more before he took hold of the boy's hand. "You won't forget; I won't let you," he affirmed.

Walking alongside, Kazumi glanced at the brunette that was in the process of fiddling with his sunglasses. When the teen looked his way, the raven did nothing but smile before focusing on the sidewalk ahead.

Spotting an ice cream parlor up a little ways off, Alex rifled through his pocket before jogging towards it. Slowing his pace until he finally came to a stop, Kazumi smiled again as he watched the teen go inside to place his order. As that took place, the man lifted his gaze to view the sun that was hanging in the middle of the sky.

He was glad he managed to talk the kid into leaving his empty house for the day.

"Kazumi." Looking down again, said person saw the chocolate cone being presented to him. "I got you one too," Alex said before taking a lick from his vanilla one.

"Oh, thank you."

Earning a slight smile from the other, the pair soon began to walk once more. Alex started up again with his glasses as he focused on what was ahead while Kazumi seemed more interested in the pink tongue that would run the length of the cone to catch the melted rivulets of cream.


"What?" Blinking, violet eyes focused on the silver and gold eyes peering up at him over the brim of the sunglasses. "Um…"

Another small smile etched itself across the teen's face before he returned to his previous activity of eating ice cream. Facing forward himself, Kazumi exhaled heavily before he caught the sticky trails of chocolate with his tongue.

His mind then began to recall the day.

They had gone to the mall and it was definitely different compared to the one the demon was accustomed to. Even more, there was a break in his concentration, leaving his hair to become streaked white; his tail slipped out from hiding for a brief moment as well. However, Alex actually managed to cover for the man when he was questioned by the small group of people that had caught him during the minor slips.

He wasn't really a bad liar apparently.

Then they went to the park. They didn't quite do much, just sat there mainly to enjoy each other's company. It had been a sunny enough day so to comment on the weather was clichéd in the demon's mind though he found it laugh-worthy when the smaller male decided to say something on it.

The brunette was amusing.

After the park they went to the pier. There, the teen informed on all the marine life they had encountered; everything from the barnacles on the sides of the boats to the annoying seagulls that had almost relieved themselves upon the man's head.

It earned him a laugh from the boy.

Alex was amused but he was a smart boy.

"Alex," he said quietly with a contented sigh.

"Yes?" said person replied as he licked a bit of ice cream from off his fingers.

Purple eyes watched as the pink appendage darted back into the teen's mouth before he focused on his reflection in the other's glasses. "Oh nothing," Kazumi said before he began to eat the rest of his own ice cream. "I should probably get you home now." The brunette grimaced. "It's getting late," he added.

"I guess," Alex muttered after he had finished his frozen treat, "but before we head back, can we go to one more place?"

"I suppose one more place won't hurt," he said as he begun to follow after him. "Where did you have in mind, Alex?"

"Just come on."

"Wouldn't it have been wiser to just call a cab or something?"

"Oh, c'mon," Alex said as he looked over his shoulder. "You sound like an old man. We're almost there."

Scrubbing a hand down his face, Kazumi chased after the teen that had disappeared amongst the shrubbery and high trees. With no one else in sight, he ran a hand through his hair, watching as the dark tresses began to revert back to the snowy white color. Glad to give his mind a break, he gave a relaxed sigh as he stretched his wings out, tail and horns following suit soon after.

Brushing aside a low branch, Kazumi continued in the direction he had last seen the boy run off to. And after five minutes of not spotting him, the demon came to a halt, sniffing the air. Catching whiff of the warm smell of vanilla, he went off in that direction.

He found the boy soon enough sitting on the edge of a ridge.

"Alex." Aforementioned tilted his head by a fraction. "A bit of warning next time," Kazumi said as he made his way over. "What's so inter…"

The rest died off as the man stared at the lit cityscape. The high rise of the downtown area twinkled like the starry backdrop hanging above it while the lights reflected off the water to the west. Being so high up, the bustling sound of traffic and the city nightlife couldn't disrupt the quieter tune being played by Mother Nature herself.

The steady hum of crickets came in and out, the occasional owl hooting, though it was still relatively quiet. Those sounds were overlooked as the demon took a seat beside the brunette that had yet to tear his gaze from the river running down below.

"Hey, Alex?" The boy tilted his head before finally looking away from the sites below. "How'd you find this place?"

A blank look settled on his face before Alex looked back at the city. "I…I don't really remember," he replied slowly. "I know someone brought me though."

"Someone brought you? Was it Mikey and Sid?"

The teen's brow furrowed slightly. "I don't…remember…"

Watching how tense he was starting to become, Kazumi scooted closer, curling his tail around the other's waist slowly while he draped his arm across his shoulder.

"It's ok," he said. "It'll come back to you later."

"But what if it doesn't?" Alex countered. "What if I nev-"

Pulling the kid flush against his side, Kazumi ignored the startled yelp before threading his fingers through the feathery brown hair. "Stop being so negative. It'll come back to you." He looked down to see the teen looking up at him. "It will."


Being cut off by a kiss, the brunette's face flushed noticeably in the light of the moon before the small hands tightened on the demon's shirt. Pulling back, the demon gave a soft smile before rubbing the boy's arm in a soothing fashion. Turning back towards the scenery, both sat in a comfortable silence.

"This really was nice," Kazumi said after some time, "but I should get you home now."

Shifting when he didn't get an answer, the white-haired man looked down to see Alex curled up next to him. Seeing gold and silver eyes closed as well as the slack expression of slumber painted along the teen's face, Kazumi smiled before slowly getting to his knees. From there, he scooped the child up into his arms before he headed back towards the road.

Adjusting his hold on occasion, Kazumi glanced down at the sleeping boy, smiling to himself as Alex turned towards him, never waking.

"Cute," he mused quietly before running into something hard. 'Dammit!'

Once he was sure the teen was still sleeping, he looked up, annoyed to say the least, before he laid eyes on a very large doorway. Stepping back to observe its full height, the demon stared at the gilded and engraved door that was at least four times as tall as he. Noticing the gold handle, Kazumi wrapped his tail around it and pulled.

It didn't budge.

Confusion flitted across the man's features as he walked around the structure finding that nothing lay on the other side.

He then circled back around to pull on the handle again, only to get the same results.

"Hmm…" Tapping his tail against it, he stood back to observe the thing once more before feeling Alex move in his arms. "Um…go back to sleep," Kazumi whispered, rocking the teen as if that was truly going to put him down.

"…zumi…put me down," he murmured as he cracked his eyes open.

Looking down to see the distant look in the mismatched eyes, the man slowly set the younger male on his own two feet. "Uh, Alex?" he said as the other took a small, uneasy step towards the door.

"…seen it…"

"You've seen this before?" Kazumi asked as he followed the teen's movements.

A troubling feeling soon settled at the pit of the man's stomach as he received a small nod. Tensing as the boy placed his hand along the wooden surface, the demon hurried over and spun the other around the moment he went to touch the handle.

"W-what are you doing?" Alex asked as his hand trailed behind him to grasp the handle once more.

"I could ask you the same thing," the white-haired male replied as his tail pulled the hand away and over the other's head. "What's wrong with you?" he added as he stared at the blank look upon the boy's face.

"I-I have to open it. I…need to…"


"I have to…"

"But why?"

"I need to…"

Pools of violet raked over the strange door before staring down at the distant look upon Alex's face again. Glancing at the door once more, Kazumi pulled the boy away before scooping him up into his arms. Stepping away the moment Alexander tried to reach out towards it, the taller of the two took off, holding the teen tighter as he soon lay slumped against his chest, out once more as if nothing happened.

From behind a tree, gold eyes watched as the pair disappeared within the tree line, footsteps distant before the red-haired demon stepped out of his hiding spot. Taking off his glasses, the six tucked them into his pocket before he slowly approached the out-of-place door. Running a bandaged hand along the wooden surface, he the used his other hand to brush aside the longer red strands from his face.

A tug on the chain around his neck had him take a sudden step back before he turned to see his counterpart walking over to him.

"Where are your glasses, Firo?" Thomas asked nonchalant as he walked over to the six. "You know I prefer you with them on." The demon looked back at the door again before feeling another suffocating tug around his throat. "Firo…" Pulling the frames out, the teen slid them back onto his face before turning to face the silver-eyed angel. "Much better~!" the brunette chirped as he hugged the demon, ignoring how he winced.

"T-Tommy, ya startin' ta hurt me…"

"Your point?"

That was a silent challenge that was left unanswered.

Once released, Firo turned to face the door again before circling it. "He found it early," he said quietly as he adjusted the frames.

Tugging on the chain wrapped around his wrist, Tommy listened to the pained hiss followed by the quiet whimper that came from the bound demon. Smirking inwardly, he pulled once again, calling the other to his side before he approached the door himself.

"What's behind the door, Firo?" he asked, looking at his companion. "C'mon, tell me."

"I don' know." He held in a snarl as he felt a tug at his chains. "I said I don' know."

"Come now-" Thomas pulled hard enough to make the other drop to his knees "-you know I hate it when you lie to me."

"'m…not," Firo breathed as he clutched at the chain. "Tommy, please."

"I know you know, Firo…" Grabbing the front of his shirt, the angel hoisted him up a bit. "Tell me what's behind the door."

Sucking in air when he was thrown to the ground, the redhead rubbed at his neck before picking himself up. Hearing the demand again, Firo adjusted his glasses, holding in a low growl before he looked up at the large doorway.

'Why is it here now?' he pondered before stumbling into his partner after an unnecessary pull.

"Firo…" Gold eyes slid shut as the teen shivered. "Firo!" Tommy snapped as he pulled the smaller demon up to be in his face. "Don't think I won't punish you." A sadistic smile then settled upon the angel's face. "And you know I have no problem with that," he added as he trailed a finger under his partner's chin. "So…what will it be? Will you tell me what's behind the door or-" Gold eyes then widened by a fraction as the brunette held up a plume. "-shall I use this?"

"B-but I told ya I don' know," Firo protested.

"Firo…" Tommy sighed as he rolled the feather between his fingers.

The six eyed it warily before mustering pleading look-pride be damned. "Tommy." Silver eyes locked on the other pair. "I don' kn-"

The taller of the two sighed heavily as he ran the plume along the demon's spine, stopping at his lower back. "Wrong answer, Firo."


A hiss stilled the natural sounds of nature as Firo leaned up against his counterpart, nails digging small troughs along the other's shoulders. As the plume was pushed deeper, the redhead loosened his grip before his breathing became erratic. Having his hands pulled off, the redhead whimpered as his legs gave out beneath him.

"Last chance," Thomas said as he placed his foot on the six's chest after he had fallen.

He watched as his demon arched his back, trying not to drive the plume in any further than it already was. When that failed and he collapsed, Tommy stood over smaller male before getting on his knees, placing a hand at either side of his head.

"Firo," he breathed, tugging on the chain at the other's neck, "answer."

"N-no one," Firo replied through clenched teeth. He felt unbearably hot. "N-no one knows."

"No one knows?" Thomas merely sneered at that. "You know, don't you, Firo?" He watched as the redhead's chest rose then fell in a harsh pattern. It soon stopped altogether. "Tell me, Firo!" Tommy ordered as he shook the other roughly by the shoulders. "I order you to!"

Eyes of liquid gold cracked open to stare up blankly. "N-no one knows," he replied, "just…just…"

Shaking the other when his eyes rolled back, Tommy clenched his teeth. "Just what?"


Letting go of Firo, Tommy looked over his shoulder to see Matthew staring at him. "Oh, hi…Matthew. I…um, I wasn't expect-"

"I didn't think you'd be this rough on him after last time. He's still bandaged from the last time you two played with one another," the man said as he watched the grass start to redden beneath the redhead. "Sometimes I wonder who the demon is really." Thomas grimaced. "But don't mind me; I could care less with what you do to your… toy there." Silver eyes then watched as the man walked over to the door. "He was right when he said no one knows. That much was true."

"How can no one know?" Tommy griped. "Someone has to!"

"I could tell you," Matthew said knowingly as he glanced back at the younger angel, "but it would leave you quite unsatisfied."

"Tell me," he said. "I want to know!" The other looked towards the door once more. 'And I get what I want…'

"The end."

"The end?" he parroted. "What kinda an-"

"No one knows what's at the end but it's final," Matthew stated, "and it's beyond this door."