I'll admit that this was a bit of a setback.

Vincent did quite the job at pissing me off and that smile of his just continued to get on my nerves. However, every so often his gaze revealed that he wasn't as lighthearted and amused as his expression had shown.

No, when he didn't think I was really paying attention, he'd drop the smile for a moment or two and managed to legitimately look pissed.

It was something I liked but, like I said, the moment he was looking at me, he had that goddamn smile once more.

"You can drop the smile," I said.


"Because it's annoying."


"You're doing this on purpose," I growled.

"I'll stop if you give Alex back."


"And don't say that you're my son."

There was a growl.

Despite his smile, he was getting mad now.

"But father, I am your son." His smile faltered before I got on one knee. "Come now; I would've thought that daddy dearest would be proud of his son," I said as I knelt in front of him. "I mean, a father should be proud of his son after all." He wasn't smiling. "You're supposed to provide and protect after all," I added as I got to my feet. "You're supposed to love your child no matter what." Yellow eyes drifted elsewhere. "Come on; show me how much you love me by taking these off."

I held up my hands to remind him of the black cuffs that were wrapped around my hands. The annoying thing was that they weren't solid, more of a gaseous substance yet they wouldn't break no matter how hard I tried to separate my hands. Initially it was amusing, I'll admit to that, but now they were just a nuisance like everything else about this godforsaken place.


"You're not my son," he growled before shoving me back down into a seated position.

"Oh, I'm your son…just better." I received a growl before looking up at him. "Why are you so angry at me?" I questioned as I scooted closer. "I would've thought that someone in your status would be excited to have a son like me."

"You're not my Alex," he growled as he looked towards the window. His attention then snapped back to me as soon as I was knelt in front of him. "Where did you come from?"

"Well, you see, when a man and woman – in this case a demon and angel – they do this thing called sex–" I glanced down at the hand fisting my collar. "Was that not what you meant?" I looked up at him again before smiling. "If not, you're gonna have to be way more specific."

"Where did you come from?"

"Well, I've always been here," I replied. "Someone had to after all seeing how mommy and daddy dearest were never around."

"We were–"

"Don't give me the bullshit answer of how you were working to protect me either," I growled. "You weren't here ever." I then lightened up as I got one foot under me. "Then again, you may have been more accepting of me if you knew about me from the beginning, right? We could've been bonded by now really." I was on my feet by this point. "We could've been having some quality time together. Not like you're doing much with mom anyway," I added as I leaned in.


I stopped and looked back at the door to see her standing there with a bow already fixated on me.

"Why don't you go take a seat in the corner?" she suggested though I could tell it was anything but from the way she was steadily pulling on the bowstring.

"Mother…" The string went taut before I started making my way over to the corner of the room. "Ok, ok…"

I didn't want to get shot with one of those freaking things. The feathers were bad enough.

"Vincent, come with me."

Glancing over at the man getting up from the bed, I watched both of them walk out before getting to my feet once the bedroom door closed. I then took a seat on the bed because I'd be damned if I continued to sit on the floor.

Seeing how it was just me in the room, I set about trying to get these cuffs off. Nothing happened when I tried separating my hands. The cuffs simply pulled them back together. I tried banging them on the nightstand until my wrist were red but that did nothing. I finally tried chewing on them only to have my mouth taste like smoke and maybe a bit of sulfur.

I wonder if Vincent tastes like this…

"Please stop doing that." I looked at the door to see Michael standing there. "You're not an animal."

"How would you know?" I questioned as he started walking over. "You have me locked up like one after all."






"What?" I growled before scooting back as he reached out his hand. "Don't touch me."



"I don't mean you," he finally said.

Oh, we're doing this again…


I took a deep breath as I closed my eyes. Hearing the name again, I opened my eyes to see him take a step back.

"M…Mikey." I looked down at the cuffs before holding them up to him. "Please? They're very uncomfortable," I muttered.

"Only Vincent can take them off," he replied. "Sorry about that…" He tilted my chin up before wiping my eyes. "In the meantime, why don't you drop the act? I want to talk to Alex."


"I want to talk to Alex. You're not Alex."

This again…

"He ain't here but feel free to try again,"I said.




"The person you are trying to reach does not have a voicemail that has been set up yet."


"Please hang up and try your call again."


"We're sorry, the number you are trying to reach has been disconnected or is no longer in service."


I looked down at the hand at my collar before kicking my foot into his stomach. The blonde clutched at his midsection, looking like he'd lose his lunch but that was about it before he started towards me again. When I went to kick him, I let a growl slip after he caught my foot then pushed me down on my back.

"Let go."


I sat up to be pushed back down. "Let. Go."

"Give Alex back." He held my leg tighter. "Give him back before I start breaking things."

"What, gonna have a tantrum, are we?"


"The person you are–" I tasted blood. "Did you just hit me?"

He drew back his fist. "Alex."

I narrowed my eyes before spitting a bit of blood in his face. He glared and all I did was smile before being punched again. Falling onto the bed, I stared up at the ceiling prior to him coming into my line of sight.

Hey, Alex…your friend wants to talk to you…



"Alex." Michael grabbed the front of my shirt before shaking me. "Alex!"

Are you coming out or not?


"Stop fucking shaking me!"

"Give me Alex back!"

"Da fuck does it look like I'm doing, asshole?"

"Where's Alex?"

"Good question," I responded. "Maybe he gave up."

"Give. Alex. Back!"

Alex… I tried tuning out the angel's orders. Alex…if you don't want me to kill your friend right now, you better come talk to him…


Alex, where the hell are you?! I wasn't getting an answer back. Alex?