I feel like the world is tumbling,

And you are the final nail.

Everything is so blurry now,

I can't focus,

Not on the stars or the trees

Or even the words in front of me.

You are slipping away. i know

You are slipping so far from my grasp

But then was I ever really able?

Could I have reached out and took your hand?

Is it all a delusion in my past,

Or an opportunity I dropped,

Something shattering against the floor.

I'm like a child.

So desperate for a blanked, some warth.

A comfort seems so far away.

I'm asked to keep life in mind,

Told how stupidly i'm behaving, how much

I have to live for.

Ask me, Please, ask me.

You know its a ruse,

But you lie to yourself, hide from it.

I need you, I always have

But you are just slipping further away

As rocks from a mountain

Sink further into the abyss of the sea.