It can't be me.

The letter isn't about me,

All I did was steal something she cared about,

Took her livelihood.

No, not me.

It must be school pressures,

Not her loss of me.

She cared for me but it was just a crush.

The letter of hopeless love is a lie.

The blood dancing across the floor isn't my fault.

It is merely the exams, or the cold she suffered.

It can't be my fault her wrists are marked

With the dark red of misfortune.

A bad place, the wrong time.

She didn't do it for me.

I was never that important, it was just a lie.

An emotion miscontroud.

Don't look at me, my name their is just an alibi.

Its not my fault

The stare of a hawk is not half as piercing,

Or menacing as them.

The casket is silent, for once.

Her words of course, they must have been misread.

The glares will vanish, it is not my fault.