Death: I Laugh at You

When you walked into my life,
I turned to look away.
Persistent you are to see my face.
Hold still your hand,
cover your eyes,
for bad things come to any witnesses.
Angry? Be not.
This is how it is suppose to be.
No, stop.
Do not force me,
do not corner me.
Retreat now
so that you life may be spared.
how typical.
Ok fine, you may see.
Look, you cry
you walk away
then you die
but the one who is blamed is me:
the survivor
the horror
the killer
the lover.
But you were warned!
I stated that you would be haunted
but I was not taken seriously.
You lie there,
quite quiet,
slightly still,
the life drained from your body,
a life force that cannot be replaced.
All eyes on me,
the condemnation placed,
the burden heightened,
the verdict delivered.
Death now awaits me,
but I silently hear death
shiver and tremble.