One As One

Our love is like a pretty red rose
Usually decorated with lovely ribbons and bows
reaching the top is what we need
Climbing the thorns which make us bleed

Our love is the beauty of a rainbow
But before seeing it's colors, you and I know
We must first experience the rain
As in love, we go through the pain

Our love is a shining gold
Whoever gets it sure is brave and bold
Through the hardest, deepest, and darkest
But with shining light, one is blessed

Like any relationships, our love must come and go
Through hurt and wounds and all the sorrow
Emotions erupt and tears are shed
Hatred is felt with words unsaid

I know that we could overcome these
With healing time and tender bliss
Not 'shall' but 'can' and 'may' are said and done
Now all that's left is not two as one, but one as one