Hurt Yet Brave, Brave Yet Hurt

These walls seem closing in on me
The corners are nearer, then let it be
I'll guess they'll kill me right here and now
Well, it's time to say goodbye, to make an ending bow

You'll never see me cry wet tears
For I never keep out of me all my tears
However, my tears, they only fall dry
But I guess I'll give you the reasons why

I never wanted to be judged as weak
Nor to be told as very meek
I want everyone to know I'm very brave
For it's what we need in this life in a dark cave

But I'll guess all rules have their exceptions
In times of pain, distress, and depressions
And so, I break down and give it all out
Soon I'll cry, I'll scream, I'll shout

I know I said I'm brave and all
But I'm hurt and sad, I'll let the tears fall
No one knows why I'm like this – so blue
Well, I'll tell it now, it's all because of you