My Blue-Eyed Prince

The flowers bloom and the little bird sings
Fresh air breeze and rain showers are what the season brings
And I remember that time ever since
That's when I met you, my blue-eyed prince

The waves crash and roar upon the shore
The sun shines above, hot as the earth's core
The skies, the horizon, they're a part of you
Their colors, my prince, are like your eyes so blue

The leaves turn orange and start to fall
I can see pumpkins shaped like a ball
The wheat are harvested, they're so brown and gold
Just like your shining hair, my blue-eyed prince, which I like to hold

The ground turns white and the atmosphere's cold
You take my hands in a warm and gentle hold
You start to speak and soon I cry and wince
As the snow, my heart's cold, 'cause that's when you left, my blue-eyed prince