Chapter 1: Prologue


I smiled as I looked down upon the creature whose chest I knelt atop, he looked up at me with hate in his red eyes. I smiled as I twisted the dagger in his chest. It snarled and made a choking noise in the back of its throat before falling limp to the ground. I smiled and stood, there was a hand on my shoulder and I tensed again. "Good job, honey, that one didn't stand a chance." Said a male voice from behind me, I recognized it immediately. I grinned like a maniac and twisted around to look up into my father's smiling face. He looked down at me with pride in his eyes. "Well, I'd better clean up, can't have officials finding the body." I said, he laughed and waved me off to do my thing.

I walked over to the limp body and struck a match from the pack I always carried. I threw it down at the body and smirked as it caught fire immediately. I turned away after making sure that the fire wouldn't catch on anything in the forest. I sprinted over to my dad's convertible and leapt in as he started the engine. Now, I know, you're confused, that's alright. No one could just catch on immediately. I technically hadn't just murdered someone murder is when one human kills another, but that thing wasn't human, and I wasn't completely.

My name is Sarah Parks, and I'm a Vampire Hunter.

What? You don't believe me? Well, if you can explain the dead vampire back about a mile into the woods, then be my guest. See, I live in a family of Vampire Hunters, my Dad and brother have been training me themselves themselves since I could walk. Our ultimate purpose is to rid the world of these bloodthirsty monsters, but my family has another reason to destroy every vampire we come across: My mother and sister are dead. Little Sydney, she'd been so full of life, so loved by all people, that her death came as a shock to us. And Mom, strong, beautiful, my dad would be the one to land the killing blow on the vampire who killed them.

But that didn't mean I couldn't play with them before he did, it's my mission to spill as much immortal blood as I could in my lifetime. And when I died, I would have already passed on my knowledge to my children, and they will do the same for theirs. The vampires will probably never be stopped, but we can do our best to attempt to rid the world of their taint. Now, I know I sound pretty doom and gloom for a seventeen-year-old girl, but I'm actually considered a fairly cheery person. I sat in my my dad's convertible as he drove back into town, trying not to get mad at my family as he pulled into our drive.

They were sending me away, shipping me off to some town out in the woods to live with my Uncle Rick. The man was insane, and had this strange idea that I was interested in dating. I don't date, mainly because in my line of work, the killing and blood made it hard for you to trust someone. I don't even go to school. Well, not technically, I'm home-schooled, so I don't go to an actual school… whatever. My point is, they're making me go live with my uncle, and go to real school, and they won't tell me why.

My dad had made me pack my bags that morning when he told me I was going. I had fought with him at first, but when he'd told me that as a going away present we were going hunting, I'd perked up and agreed to go. I love hunting, but I love the kill even more, these creatures took so many live that it was necessary for my kind to step in. If we never stepped in if we never stopped what they did…

The world would be down about three thousand people per year.

My dad glanced over at me, knowing I was mad at him. "I know you don't want to go… but Sarah, it's really the best thing for you." He said, I scoffed and climbed out of the car. He followed me inside and started loading my bags into the car. I sat on the couch next to my brother and defiantly refused to help out. My brother, Charlie, looked at me with an apologetic attitude. I knew he meant it, so I scooted closer and lay my head on his chest. He stroked my black hair and murmured his apology. I sighed, wishing I didn't have to go. "I know you don't Sarah, but it's really the safest place for you, Uncle Rick can keep you safe there." Charlie said.

I sighed as I looked out the window to find my father waving at Charlie and I, it was time to go. or, more accurately, it was time for me to leave behind everything I knew.