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Emotionally unstable. Commonly known

As Emo.

Taken over by stereotypes of

Self harmers and suicidals.
People who dress in black and talk

Of love and hate. Life and Death.

I am Emo, but I'm not this.

At least, not all the time.

I'm always at one end

Of the extreme.

There is no middle ground

For me to find.

I'm trapped in the middle of

A passionate dance

Starring Depression

And Ecstasy.

The referee

In the season's finale:
Hyperactivity versus Lethargy.

I shout at

The top of my lungs

Then creep back to

My corner in


Nothing ever ends

There is no middle ground.

For me to find.

My emotions will forever

Swing back

And forth.

Like the pendulum

Of a clock.

Back and forth...

Back and forth...

Condemned until the

End of time.

I am Emo.