The Inferno

A blackened shovel heaps them into place

The coals, the tinder, completely lack space

A small spark, a flame ignites.

Burn well!

The fuel starts to smoulder like their souls in hell.

The tinder catches first: coals start to glow

Blood red in the fire, the blood of the foe.

And at last the fire roars into life

In burning hate

The ashes of the dead pass into the grate.

Burning without ceasing, smoke rises high –

A never ending column of death in the sky.

For many, the same end lies close

Waiting for days

Till fate and soldiers cast them into the blaze.

But a storm is brewing and rain's falling fast

And the fire is doused after many years passed.

The cowards are cast out.

The people saved.

A new path, for those who are different, is paved.