Falling in love, hurts a lot. I've opened up and gave my heart t0 so many guys, just to have them use, take advantage, or just give up on me. I'm tired of opening up. I'm tired of the pain, of being depressed. How come when they move on and happy, I'm stuck. Them when I'm finally happy, they come back and ruin it? Do I not deserve happiness either? My name's Jessica, and I suffer from depression. Kill me now… That guy over there. That beautiful, tall, and blue eyes, well build guy. Short blond hair, the highest level in Kendo, 4 tattoos. One tattoo on either side of his chest, one on his arm, and the last on his stomach. His style? Punker, His smile? Beautiful. Yeah, his name is Sven. We were in love (or so I thought).

-Flask Back-



"Jessica!" She turned to look at him curiously as he called her name. "Yes, baby."

"I was thinking." He looked at her shyly smiling. "Why don't we have a baby?" Jessica feel off her bed, "Wh-what? I thought you didn't like kids!" She looked at him confused laying on the floor. He helped her back up on the bed laughing. "I know baby, it's just that you love kids. And I know you look forward to having them in the future, so why wait?"

"Sven, are you sick or something?" She said feeling his forehead concerned. He took her hand and pulled her close, "I love you." She blushed and ducked her head, "I love you too baby."

"So have a baby with me." He said pulling her chin up looking her deep in the eyes. She pulled away from him, "Are you sure this is what you want? I mean, so many things can go wrong."

"Like what?"

"I donno, a MISCARRIAGE? We may grow apart. If you're not ready, having a baby could ruin our relationship. I donno, I think we should wait."

"Baby, I love you way to much to leave you. And think positive. I want this, and I want it with you." He looked at me with burning passion in his eyes. "Please." Jessica looked away blushing. "I…okay." She finally said peeking at him. His face filled with such joy as he jumped up, picking her up and spinning her around. They both laughed and kissed.

-End Flash Back-

Jessica was sitting down silently crying to herself. End and end, the pain in her chest just got worse. "How can I love someone who hurt me so bad?" She bawled out to her best friend Pono. "Jessica, you need to get over this. If he really loved you, he would still be here right now. He would prove it."

"But he was always the type to prove himself to me. Why? How could he just stop loving me? What did I do that was so wrong? I don't get it." Pono pulled Jessica close to him, giving her a big hug and kiss on the forehead. "Mi Hijo. Don't Cry. It's okay." Pono had let her cry her eyes out until she feel asleep in his arms.

-Flask Back-

They both fell back on the bed. "You're beautiful." Sven tells Jessica, looking deeply in her eyes. Leaning over he kisses her deeply and begins putting his hand up her shirt. Jessica, slightly shocked pulls away, "A-ah. R-right now?" He smiles down at her, "If that's okay with you. No pressure." Taking a moment to think Jessica looks at him then nods, not wanting to disappoint him. "O-okay." Sven leans back down and began to kiss her again. She wraps her arms around his neck kissing him back. Whispering in a husky voice, Sven says, "Give me your tongue baby." Jessica opens her mouth wider to give him access to her tongue. Sven clearly the dominate one. "Mmm," Jessica moans slightly into their kiss. Sven chuckles slightly then proceeds to put his hand in her pants. "Ahh," Jessica whimpers in surprise, crossing her legs. Sven looked at her amused, "You would swear that we have never done this before."

"I-I'm sorry. I'm nervous. Its just that now… well you know…" She looked away blushing. "Baby, you don't have to do much okay? Just feel me." Sven finished kissing down her neck and removing her top and bra. "Ahh," she moaned and bit her lip, as he moved his way to her chest. Suckling and licking her nipples, while undoing her pants. "Mmmm…Sven…" He continued to work on her until both their clothes were off. "Baby, are you ready?" He asked looking down as his woman. Nodding slightly, Jessica blushed and told him yes. He lined himself up and slowly pushed in holding her close. "Aaahh" She wrapped her arms around him once again, with a fist full of his hair in one hand, and her other scratching his back. Their bodies worked slow, mingling with each other, as either party expressed how much they loved each other. "Svennn…" she moaned, clinging on to him. "I love you Jessica. Nng, I'm cuming.." He said as they both tensed and climaxed together. Sven collapsed on top of the female figure exhausted. She smiled and took his face between her palms and kissed him. "I love you too baby." She said smiling. He smiled back at her too.

-End Flash Back-

Pono looked down at the love of his life, seeing that she was suffering even in her sleep. At first she was blushing, breathing heavily, and slightly moaning. She must have been having a dirty dream. Then she started crying in her sleep. Poor baby must have subconsciously realized the pain she was in. She can't even be peaceful in her sleep. He laid her down on the bed and put the blankets over her. "Why can't you look at me the way you look at him. I've been here waiting for you all these years…" He whispered watching her sleeping form. Pono stretched out beside Jessica and feel asleep.