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What if there was something you wanted and you thought you would die without it...would you sell your soul to accomplish this? I am Cathleene, and this is my story about my horrific choices and decisions...

I wanted James to be alive again...but who woulda thought how much of a dire situation I would cause to see him full of life again...I loved him so much that I swore my soul to a demon named Dinitris just to have him alive again. Dinitris didn't tell me however the effects of selling your soul and calling someone back from the dead. I am an empty shell and James is a monster, so I ran from Dinitris to hide from the truth...That decision has led to the declaration for me to be hunted down, tortured, and dragged back, alive, to Dinitris. Bare with me as I tell you my pain suffering and, even within all this terror, the joy and love brought to me along the way. I had thought being souless left me without feelings, I know now I was wrong...

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