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Chapter 1: Desperate Measures

"No! No, no he can't be dead! God no! Please no!" I screamed and screamed tears trailing down my face. "James! Please I'll do anything just bring him back!" The next few hours of my life would be the last normal ones for a while, and the sad thing is I couldn't remember anything. James had been shot more than 23 times because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The paramedics said he was dead before the 5th bullet hit him... I was upset and hysterical when they told me he was dead. I was so troubled I called out that I'd sell my soul to get him back, but I hadn't meant it. After five hours of talking to the police about the reason James had been on Rouge Street, they told me I could go home. I could barely keep my eyes open when I stumbled into my house. I slept fitfully and didn't get much sleep.

I had that day off from work so I decided to bum around the house and not wollow in self-misery. The TV had other plans since it played the news of the other day. I tried to tune it out but was unable to.

"23 year old James Rightwood was gunned down in the midst of a gang turf war on Rouge Street. He was shot 23 times in numerous parts of his body. He was the son of the mayor and fiance to Miss Cathleene Roberts. His loss is affecting us all greatly. His memorial service is scheduled to be on June 14 at 11:00 am. That is five days from now, so, if you can, send his family your condolences. Now back to you Johnson..."

I turned off the tv, but it was too late. Sobs shook me to my core, and I heard myself saying desperately over and over again, "Please, bring him back. I'll do anything. I'd ever sell my soul!" I felt my eyes closing and I passed out on the couch both physically and mentally exhausted.

I woke up at about nine o'clock. I looked around and saw that I was in my bedroom. This can't be right, I thought. I fell asleep on the couch. How did I get to my bed?

"That's an easy question. I carried you here, Miss Roberts," I tensed at the voice that came right next to me. I jumped up and scrambled away from the figure in my bed. He sat up and smiled menicingly at me. I involuntarily shuddered and stepped back.

"Who are you?" I snapped at him.

He got up off my bed and walked towards me until we were only a few feet apart. It was too dark to see his face. He grinned, and I stepped back. "Please don't hurt me!" I screamed.

He looked down at me his black eyes shining, "But human, why, would I hurt you? I am Dinitris and have come to collect what you owe me for the life I brought back." I stared at him in shock.

"What do you mean you've come to collect what I owe you for the life you brought back?" I shouted, but then it dawned on me. "You mean you brought back James? Oh my goodness!" I started to laugh, loud choking bouts. He stared at me like I had just lost my mind, and in a way I had. I couldn't even believe it! James was alive again! We would be together and live happily ever after.

"Before you get ahead of yourself, I desire payment for bringing him back. You will pay even if the effects are not satisfactory. Do you agree with this? You shall give me your soul and become mine for the life of your dear James." His words were practically dripping with his hatred and scorn of James.

"First tell me where he is. I wish to see him before I agree, and if I am see my James then you will take your payment." I said hastily wanting to see James before I made a major decision. He nodded and told me to shut my eyes. I did and felt a tingling feeling across my neck and arms. Then a fierce wind hit me, knocking my breath leave me with a gasp. I didn't open my eyes and my breathing was difficult. I started to panic. I heard him laugh and whisper for me to open my eyes. The instant I opened my eyes the wind disappeared and the air rushed into my lungs.

"What was that? Where are we?" I looked around at an unknown meadow. It was magical! Vines with beautiful flowers were wrapped around the trees and the arc at the end of the meadow. The grass was being tugged playfully by the light breeze, and the birds sung their wonderful tunes. I felt elated, free. Dinitris glanced around critically as if looking for someone.

"So where is James? I thought you said you'd take me to him." I was starting to feel uncomfortable under his gaze, and felt the need to question his resolve.

"He's right over there in the edge of the trees. See look there he is." I looked closely and he was right. James stood by a tree on the outside of the meadow, but he looked different, kind of feral. I gasped in shock at the color of his eyes. They were completely red, no white or black to be seen. I started to notice other details that were different. His skin was pale and dead looking, and his face didn't even show a flicker of emotion.

"Cathleene what is wrong? Did you expect me to be happy to see you after you cursed me and made me a monster? Sorry to disappoint you, but you have made me an abomination. Can you still love me? Can you love a monster who, given the chance, would rip your heart out of your chest?" James grinned sadistically, and I felt a wave of fear deep in my core. He would kill me if we were together again

"I can't love someone who would do harm to me. It would be very naïve of me to think you are just trying to scare me, for I know you aren't fooling me… I'm sorry James, but I will never love you again. I will not sell my soul to have you back as a monster. I want you as who you were!" I tried not to let the sob come, but it came out anyway. I had cried so much that I did not cry, I just screamed out my sorrow.

"Ah, but you agreed my little human. You are mine! Your heart, your soul, and your body all belong to me! You cannot back out of this bargain, I brought him back and you agreed to my payment!" Dinitris was angry. His anger was like a horrid storm that has winds strong enough to kill millions. I flinched, terrified of the demon before me.

"As I recall I said I wanted to see him before I agreed which means I don't have to give you anything. You brought him back yourself! I had not agreed with you to bring back my James, but instead you brought back a monster. He is yours not mine, and I will not become your souless slave!" I screeched at him feeling as if he was trying to make me do something ?I did not wish to do.

And by the look on Dinitris's face, I wasn't the only one feeling cheated. He was visibly seething, and probably feeling a fool. I met his hate filled gaze with my determined one. His eyes narrowed and he spun around.

"You will be mine in the end, but how about we play a little game. I shall send hunting parties after you, and maybe I'll send your precious James also to spice things up. Day in and day out you will be hunted down like an animal! I will enjoy this game! You will be brought to me alive, but I do not really care if you are injured. Be warned my little morsel, you will be m ine in the end..." By the end of each of his sentences he would fade away more and more until he was gone. I closed my eyes , and when I opened them again, I was back in my house. I shivered hearing his warning. I must find a way to get out of here and fast, I thought. I ran to my room and locked the door, but an annoying voice in the back of her head said, Locking it is dumb and it will only give you false comfort since the demon can materialize wherever he wished. I shooked my head and went to the closet.

I started shoving random items into my hiking bag and a huge duffle bag. I packed food water, clothes, shampoo and other toiletries, and money. One good thing that I got from my billionaire family was the money. I had never been so greatful to them as I was then since my life depended on it. I broke all but one of my credit cards in half and then went to the bank the withdraw all of my hard worked money. I had a good 5,000 in my savings and a good 10,000 in my checking, which plus the money from my family that I had stashed around the house, added to about 400,000 dolars. I hoped that was enough to spend running away for the rest of my life. To be honest I was terrified of becoming someone who is constantly moving because I had always been safe at home, but I guess some things change when you tell a demon the deals off. I sighed and walked to the nearest car dealership. I bought a car, with my last credit card, that didn't have any distinguishing details, When I returned home, I added a few various types of guns and other weapons. Another good thing about her family was that they were mostly part of some type of defense/protection for the United States. They had taught me a lot of self defense and how to use a gun. A few hours had pasted and I was burning daylight, so I hurried and added the last few items to my bags. After I had finished packing, I called my father who was in the witness protection program and could help me with the last thing on my checklist.

"Hey daddy I need you to do me a favor. Yes only you can do it. No, I'm not asking for money, I'm asking you to make me disappear."