I shift, revering in the feeling of fur crawling across my skin. My spine lengthens into a tail and my nose turns into a snout. Eye teeth lengthen to long, pointed canines as my joints twist around. Claws replace fingernails and ears pull up to the top of my head, twitching around to catch the whisper of a mouse scurrying around.

I growl, wanting to chase the mouse. Then Will, in wolf form, whimpers as he comes up beside me. I snarl, loping away to find Drew and Lynn.

I snort; pixies. They can never pick a side.

When I find Drew, he's sitting on a rock bawling his eyes out. Seriously, his nose is running as much as his eyes are.


I morph and shake my head. I make a noise in the back of my throat, trying not to laugh at the pitiful scene.

"What happened?" I roll my eyes while crossing my arms, ignoring all the annoying sounds the blubbering pixie is emitting.

"S-Sage killed L-Lynn," he wails.

"Sage killed a lot of people we know," I insensitively point out. "Lynn is just another one of those people."

"No she's not!" Drew shrieks, his tiny body shaking in either rage or sorrow.

"Maybe not to you," I scoff.

He sniffs. "Do you still want me to go back?"

"Yes," I say. They'll kill him as soon as he shows his face.



He flutters off, jerking around as he's wracked with sobs.

I morph again, happy to be rid of the incredibly annoying "Pixie Pair", as I like to call Drew and Lynn. I force myself to run, pushing my limbs so hard that my muscles burn with strain. I keep going, pressing harder. My snow-white fur streams away from me as the wind pushes against my muzzle. Finally I stop, panting and shaking with exhaustion.

I collapse, barely able to keep my head up. I shift back and, instead of enjoying the feeling, I curse it. No wonder Ridge hates me.

I lay there, not moving and barely breathing. I ache from head to toe and regret pushing myself so hard. One of the only things I'll ever regret, probably. I don't regret what I do very often. I'm a person (well, not really person…) of action without forethought or afterthought.

After laying there for almost half an hour, I force my stiff muscles to support me as I make my way back to camp.

When I get there, I see the rest of my werewolves are eating along with Will.

I growl loudly, a bestial sound, to get their attention.

"What?" Will whines.

"I have a plan. One that will kill Sage. It'll shatter whatever sanity that mosquito has left." And with that, I begin telling them about my way of getting the vampires back in a way no one will ever expect.

Look out, Sage, this Rose has thorns.


We keep walking, only this time in silence after what I did to Derrick. Oh, well. Not everyone is as accustomed to violence as I am. I walk beside Thomas, wondering why he doesn't talk to me, even though we're this close in proximity.

I look down at my hands, realizing that my fingernail polish is halfway chipped off. I pick at it, biting my lip and wondering what Frostwell will be like. Finally accomplishing my goal of getting all the paint off, I grab my iPod and stick the earbud in, drowning out my thoughts in rivers of notes. I put it on loop and enjoy the feeling of not thinking.

It seems like no time at all. We come up to the edge of the woods and peer between the trees at the all mythical town called Frostwell. By "all mythical", I mean the fact that the population is made up of purely "make-believe" stuff, from vampires to witches to Shifters alike.

It's our corner of heaven, or wherever it is we go after we die.

From here I see a training field, a hotel-looking thing, a market and a huge area of places to shop.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" I snap.

They laugh. "Just that," Thomas says, taking off to walk on the main road.

Everyone whoops and yells as we run to the town. Coming up to the edge of Frostwell, we stop.

"Now what?" Willow asks in her quiet voice.

"We find a place to stay, I guess," Ridge replies in an odd tone of voice.

I walk to the front of the group and cross my arms, examining what remains of us. Practically, it's all travel worn, make-believe, teenage creatures. What we must look like to mortals, I will never know.

"Alright; we're splitting up. Isaac, take Virginia, Owen, Willow, and Chantele. You guys will find us a place to stay. Hunter, Jordan, Vianna, and Patrick; find us some food. And, no, not people. The rest of you will come with me to scout around.

We split up, heading down different streets. Again, we walk in silence, wandering around town. We see boutiques filled with dresses, a weaponry with every sharp thing imaginable (which Kate would not let me investigate), and an armory made up of leather and metal plating. In the weaponry on display I see a wickedly sharp dagger. It looks like a decorated cylinder of leather but you remove the top, like a sheath, to reveal the blade.

"Oh, my gosh," I gush, my breath fogging up the window. "That's the coolest thing ever!"

Thomas walks up. "That is pretty awesome."

"Man, I wish I could get that," I whine, counting up my money. The dagger's about two hundred fifty dollars but I've only got one hundred thirty five dollars, seventeen cents, a Milky Way wrapper, and a paper clip.

"Maybe if you get enough money by working someplace you will." Ridge snidely points out.

"Maybe if you fall in a whole, we'll all be better off," I purr mock-sweetly.

"Easy now, 'little squirrel'," he sneers knowingly.

I whip around, a growl tumbling out of my mouth.

"Where did you hear that," I snarl, ready to rid the world of this horribly annoying fur ball.

"Nowhere," he dismisses nonchalantly.

"Oh, really? You know what? I'm still wondering what mutt tastes like," I hiss, fangs glinting.

Ridge pales, his eyes going wide. "You wouldn't," he stammers.

"You think so? Let's see." I'm in front of him in no time at all.

"Sage," Thomas says warily, gently putting a hand on my shoulder.

I stop moving completely, surprised enough by this gesture that I suddenly morph back.

Ridge opens one eye. I guess he must have squeezed them shut in anticipation for what I was about to do.

Thomas turns me around and looks down at me, not even saying anything.

"What? He brought it on himself." I'm a little embarrassed for acting like that but Ridge did deserve it.

Instead of answering me, he just laughs. We walk away from the shop with Ridge and Kate close behind.

"You're lucky you're even alive," I hear Kate mutter to Ridge.

Getting a marvelously devilish idea, I spin around and yell, "Boo!"

Ridge yelps and jumps two feet into the air.

Laughing maniacally, I walk away, already enjoying this town.


These leeches are insane!

I shake my head and keep away from Sage for my own safety.

Yeah, she's pretty and all but, man, she's crazy! Not the good kind; the kind that needs to be in a straight jacket! She'd probably find a way out of it, but still.

I ignore my mind's urges to shift and just run away from all of this. My skin itches, my dark gold fur just barely under the surface. Even after all these years it's hard to stay human. I think like a wolf, wary of other beings. My ears twitch, too, as they pick up the smallest sounds of fluttering wings. It might be my imagination, considering that I did have a snack that had wings like a bug…

But it's not because I hear Sage, Thomas, and Kate snarl. It's weird enough to be a werewolf but even weirder to have someone I've known forever to become a leech and sport fangs.

Drew comes fluttering between the buildings and I rush to Thomas' side.

"What are you doing here," Sage growls, already morphed.

"I came to apologize."

"Whatever; we don't accept traitors. Ridge," the emerald-eyed vampire smirks at me. "Will you clean up this mess?"

I shift, howling in the pleasure of having a tail and fur.

The pixie doesn't even have time to scream. I pant a bit afterwards, trying not to taste the wings.

I look up at the others. Kate has a disgusted look on her face while Thomas looks surprised. Sage, who's once green eyes now look grey because of my being color-blind, is smiling grimly, her creepy snake fangs glinting pure white in the sun.

"I might like you better this way," she laughs, "because you can't talk."

I cock my head and sit, wagging my tail and looking like a stupid pet. Sage is now laughing so hard it hurts me by just looking at her.

"You know, I might just put a collar on you."

Thomas laughs and laces his fingers together with hers. Kate must be pretty embarrassed because she looks at the ground. Me? I sit there, burning with anger and looking like an idiot dog, unable to do anything but play fetch.