Ultimate Adventures

Book 1


This is an original idea that but please note that when reading this there may be what seems to be references or rip offs from other things like Naruto (an ability that will be mentioned soon), Pokemon (elements), Avatar: The Last Air Bender (certain abilities), Harry Potter (magic school) just to name a few, the idea for this story has been brewing for years by now and I got inspired by these shows/movies so bare with me if you find this to be a rip off.

This story is intended to be very long, many chapters and several books, but should be updated regularly or semi-regularly about a chapter at a time so expect an update soon.

Chapter 1: "Normal" Life

My name is Dj and it was just a normal day for me at school... scratch that, there is no such thing as a normal day for me, see, I go to a special school, for special people like me , no not retarded special, I am so say "magical". I come from a place call "The Main land", which is 1 of 8 different small countries know as realms, each with its own individual element and which ever element the realm specializes in it gets its name, for example the planet that specializes in the fire element, is known as The Fire Realm. The main Land 's main element is ground, but since so many people come hear from other planets, it became known as the Immigrant realm or The Main Land as we know it as today.

Anyways, I go to a High school known as Elementa Schools for the elementally gifted or ESEG High for short. Every student there learns one or two elements, depending on how gifted they are, I was fortunate enough to be able to learn more than one element, I am training in the elements fire and water if you can call it "fortunate", being able to control more elements makes me an outcast compared to many of the other kids at my school. I really one have one friend, her name is Zoey, she studies in Water and Grass, but she is really special, she is also learning how to be a healer, so she will be saving lives eventually. I am studying to be a warrior, which is a path a lot of people take but I just seem to stick out compared to the rest.

So as I was saying before I got sidetracked... by my self..., today was a "Normal" day for me at school, I got up from bed, ate breakfast and started walking to school like any other day, when I got their I went to my locker, got my books and went to class. When the teacher arrived, everyone got in their seats waiting for announcements on the loud speaker, for some reason the other students looked anxious today. I had no idea what was going on until I saw the teacher put up a poster, a money box and raffle tickets. The poster read "MEET THE ULTIMATE HERO! THE STRONGEST WARRIOR OF ALL TIME! ENTER TODAY TO WIN!" The teacher then announced that the school was holding a contest to meat the ultimate hero and be professionally trained by him. I rolled my eyes at the though of the contest, how would some one like me win the contest, but I signed up anyways just because I had an extra dollar. I took the dollar put it in the box and grabbed a ticket from the reel. I checked my raffle number and say it was 2428... Strange number I thought to my self. I then put the ticket away in my pocket for safe keeping and went back to my seat. Our teacher then went on to say that the winner would be announced at the end of the school year so remember your number!

The morning announcements then came on shortly and class began. The day went by "normally" like any other day; I kept to my self when to class, said hey to Zoey when I saw her, when to lunch, then to my combat class. Combat class is my favorite class to go to, I get to learn more ability's for my elements and I even get to fight other students! We all have our own weapons for training, I use a 2 sided sword known as a Glave which is very light weight and allows me to combo attack! I also use a boomerang as a secondary weapon it does not sound like a strong weapon, but when used right it is a very effective weapon. Although it is a fighting class no one gets hurt in combat, we all wear protective gear that reacts when we get hit but we feel no pain when fighting! I headed over to the training area in the back of the school, put on the full body armor, took out my weapons and got ready to fight. The teacher our class told us who we were going to fight. I kinda lucked out, I got to face one the better fighters in the class His name was Billy and he was going to be a challenge.

The teacher then yelled out "READY? SET! FIGHT! And I charged forward to Billy, glave in hand ready to strike. BLAM! Direct hit! I stood their with a smug look on my face I then prepared for my next attack I dawned my boomerang and chucked it as far as I could and hit my target in the face with great precision! I then realized that Billy was charging right for me! He knocked me right off my feet and went forward to attack me with his sword, I took the blow painfully, well sorta since I had the body armor all I felt was a slight buzz. The fight continued on going in an identical fashion I attack then he attacked. Then the bell rang and it was time to throw in the towel. I then put away my weapons, hung up my armor and got ready to go home because it was the end of the day

About a month passed and it was the end of the year ceremony. I still hung on to my raffle ticket, just for the heck of it. I went to my assigned seat on top of the stage in my formal out that was kind of tight on me and waited for the awards ceremony to start. I saw Zoey come up on stage and say "hey" to her before she sat down, but she seems to have something on her mind right now, I wonder what could it be? The lights above the seats in the auditorium started to dim and the stage started to light up it was time for the awards ceremony. I did not expect to win any award since I really didn't stand out compared the rest of the students. Our Principal went up to the podium as the people started to file in to their seats, once everyone got to there seats then the ceremony started.

The Principal announced the awards and the winners one by one. As I guessed, the people who mainly won the awards where the jocks, geniuses, the talented and gifted, even Zoey won an award for advance healing practices. Then it came down to the last thing on the agenda for the awards ceremony, the winner of that raffle contest. Our principal had a big glass ball with a giant fan at the bottom which would push one slip up and he would read the number. The fan turned on and what seemed to be thousands of slips flew around the back and he grabbed one ticket from the floating pile and read it out load. I was not expecting to anything spectacular I mean there where hundreds of students who entered, I doubt I even had a chance to win. Then the principal said the numbers; twenty-four … twenty-eight…

"I won" I said to myself I was in awe struck. I instantly stood up and went to the podium to turn in the ticket and receive the information about the summer training classes I had one. Everyone was clapping I didn't know how to feel, I didn't even want to win in the first place, but at the same time maybe I did. I got all the information and went back to my seat where the ceremony soon ended and everyone began to file out. I went up to Zoey to gossip about the training, but she still looked like she had a million and one things on her mind. As I started to talk to her she interrupted me telling me that he had something more important to tell me. Zoey then said: Dj… "I'm… I'm moving…"