Chapter 8: The Essence of Matter (this chapter is one of several key chapters of the story. Why? BECAUSE IT MATTERS!)(Shut up, I know its a bad pun, I don't need to be told that ^_^)

Zoey and I made our way to the mausoleum, in hopes of still being able to the Essence of Matter even if Austin was after it as well and knowing him, he would put up a fight for it, I think that I would be able to stand a better chance against him.
Zoey and I arrived at the graveyard and she asked "Is this the place?
"Yeah it is but, I just realize do you have any weapons? You will need to defend yourself too!" I replied.
"Well... no... I never used weapons in school since I took a healing course..." Said Zoey reluctantly.
"I think I may be of assistance, I have some spare items for just such an occasion." Replied my power watch.
"Okay That works out for us!" Said Zoey happily. "But what weapons do you have watch?"
"The only weapons I have is a spear, a dagger and some throwing stars which can be used as projectile weapons. Will that do?" replied my watch
"Yes it will, thank you." Zoey said as the items were materialized almost magically.
"Can we go now, Dj?" Asked Zoey.
"Alright lets get that essence!" I replied.
We ventured into the mausoleum, going down what seemed to be twenty flights of stairs, at least a hundred decaying corpses and skeletons. When we finally reached the bottom there was another corridor.
"This must be where it is held, we haven't seen any of Austin so, its either that he is behind this corridor or he already has the essence, we better hurry!" I said to Zoey. She nodded and we entered slowly with weapons ready. We walked into the room and we saw an shinning, brown and green orb resting on a pedestal.
"That has to be the essence!" I blurted out loud, much louder than I would've liked.
I walked towards the essence carefully until I was standing at the pedestal when I heard the same malignant laughter from before... it was Austin...
"Why hello there... I see you are back... allow me to formally introduce myself, I am Austin, apprentice to the Dark Lord, I was sent to gather the essences in the name of him, with it he can conquer THE WORLD! He said in his dark voice.
"Thats insane! We can't allow him to do that, Dj!" yelled out Zoey.
"Huh so your name is Dj... An interesting name..." He takes notice of my Power watch. "That watch... I see now, you are the apprentice of the Ultimate Hero, you were sent on the same mission, but in the name of good. I see now... Now if you don't mind I will be taking that essence" He said maniacally.
"Well you figured out my story" I said in response. "Also, If you want that essence, you will have to go through us!" I readied my weapons and Zoey set up some defencive abilities just incase.
He charged at us with his spear, I reacted quickly and was able to block the attack by spinning my glave, Knocking him back a few feet away from me
Zoey attempted throwing some throwing stars at Austin, it had little effect on him.
I called at Zoey "Regular attacks do not seem to hurt him, we have to be crafty!"
I scanned the room for anything that could be used to help us fight. I saw some torches and some vines growing on the floor. Jackpot!
I Called to Zoey, "Use the vines! I have an idea!"
Zoey used her amazing powers to control the vines and tie him up. Austin was trying to break free, I knew that the vines would not hold him for long so I had to act fast. I used clonation to create some doubles then I used the flames from the torches my clones and I launched the fire at him. It had very little effect...
I had to think of something else... I took the flames and surrounded my glave with it. I have never done anything like this before but it was worth a shot.
I took my flaming glave and charged at him. It seemed to do a hurt him a lot.
He seemed to be running out of energy... I knew what was coming.. he was going to use that explosion attack... but he wasn't aiming for me... he was aiming for Zoey!
I had to protect Zoey, I had to act fast I charged at him in an attempt to intercept him. I knocked him to the ground the I used whatever momentum I had left to dash out of the way, I was in close enough to trigger the explosion, but I was able to get away just in time.
He used his kamikaze explosion attack but, since he had no one to pin the damage onto, it only hurt him. It was enough to knock him out.
"Are you okay?" I asked Zoey.
"Yeah, he barely tried to attack me, only you" she responded.
"So now we know how to fight this jerk if he ever tries to attack us again." I stated
"Yeah and you may want to hurry up and grab that essence thing, he may regain consciousness any moment now." She told me.
"Alright hold on, he has something sticking out of his backpack" I pulled a circular tube, It was a map. "It's a map... but it shows no markings for... well anything... strange map."
"Maybe I could be of assistance" Said my watch.
"Okay lets try." I said as I put the map under its item scanning beam thing...
"Analyzing... Please wait" it said in a very generic computer voice, obviously a pre-programed sound, rather than its automated intelligence. "Scan Complete. I have Identified that this map is know as a "mystic energy map""
"Okay, but what does it do?" I asked becoming impatient.
"It locates mystic items and energies, this one seems to be lined to the essences."
"That sounds great, now we know where all of them are!" I said.
"Just so, but as it seems it takes one energy to lead to the other, hence why you could not see any marked off points, I highly suggest that you take the essence of matter now, it will allow me to locate another essence. Also, I should inform you that there was another item stuck to the map, I have also analyzed it, the item is known as a fusion matrix."
"What in the world is that?" I asked.
"If you remember when you combined your power to control fire with you glave skills, this item will do just the same, but with less risk and it works to create a lot more tactical and attack strategies, it will even allow you to combine weapons" My watch said answering my question.
"Thats awesome, I can't wait to try some of those abilities" I said excitedly "Okay, now lets get this essence."
I then proceeded to the pedestal and picked up the glowing orb. I grabbed the orb and held it in my hands. I felt its power flowing into my body, then it stopped. the orb had stopped glowing, I had absorbed the essence contained within the orb, I felt tougher, and it seemed like I could control the ground around me, even if I did not have the power to use earth element naturally, strange.
I was lost in thought until my watch said "User analysis complete, it shows that your physical defence has gone up, much like the earth itself, and you also seemed to have learned the ability known as "matter force" Which allows you to control the ground at will, for matters such as terraforming. The only thing is that this ability has been lost to the ages, no one in my data records has been able to use this power for many many years."
"So maybe it was concealed inside the element for the entire time." Said Zoey.
"Thats how it seems" I responded.
"Notice, Mystic energy map reacting, a new essence has been revealed" My watch said outloud.
"Well where is it?" I asked
"Roughly due east from our current location, in the land known as the Air realm." It responded.
"So that's where we are going next, Dj?" Asked Zoey.
"That sounds like a plan, but that is thousands of miles away from here how can we get there?" I asked Zoey.
"We could always just take the a plane, a very simple trip." She answered me fondly
"Yeah I'd guess so, but I don't have that much money on me, just enough for food and equipment, not luxurious things like air travel." I responded.
"Well, it's not as fast but it could be more affordable to take a boat to the Air realm, besides my job paid very well so I can pay for the trip."
"I'd guess that works, we can stop at the shipyard and see if we can get a boat going there."
We then left the mausoleum and found our way to shipyard and found a rather nice cruise liner, we payed for two one-way tickets to the Air realm. We were informed that our ship would not be leaving for two days, so we stayed at a local hotel for the time being.
In the back of my mine I pondered this whole adventure so far; Who was Austin truly and why is he evil? Who was this mysterious Dark Lord? Where did the Hero go and why? Why did he send me and not going to look for them himself? How did this essence thing work, did it just plant itself into that orb or it always like that and I was the first one to find it there?
Although I do not know why all of this is happening, but I feel that I will understand more in time...
End of the Mainland.