can you cry for me little boy?
can you mess with other peoples emotions like a toy?
if i tell you to fly, you will spread wings
if i order you to dance, you will tip tap along the floor

life, my young boy, is just a chore
i am the director in this play
and i expect to see you ome in early today
you are my puppet, and i will pull your strings

come here my puppet, i want to teach your marvelous things
like how the boy who cried wolf who only saw sheep
never woke from the darkness of sleep
this world is cruel little puppet, learn it quick

your reflection of an angel is just a trick
devils play along this ground with a frown on their face
keep on running, or theyll catch you with theyr quick pace
nightmares upon nightmares its all you will dream

so come little puppet, as i teach you to scream
better become the hunter instead of the hunted
catch the roll of the ball before it is punted
watch boy as i show you the devil that is inside all

dont cry or show weakness if you fall
just get up, get up, and dont look around
the dog catcher comes around and he will put you in the pound
people are cruel, people are evil, dont trust anybody anywhere

the hunter will set up something tonight, a snare
if you get caught in it, dont cry help
the only thing you will get is a cry with a yelp
listen little puppet as i tell you a story

about cinderella and the prince and how theyre love got gory
drown drown drown little boy
you are nothing but a puppet masters toy
i am your master, you are my servent, go fetch me some milk

the world isnt wrapped in fine silk
learn it quick, learn it young
think of the words they will say so they be stung
yes my puppet, cry some more

Cause in this world, you wont be able to sleep with a snore.
Atleas, not anymore.