Even though you're still here in my mind,

And a way to get you out I've yet to find,

At least for a minute, I've broken the bond,

For at least a day, I won't respond.

I'm afraid to ask for help this time,

I've come so far, but still have a mountain to climb.

You wouldn't understand, anyway,

You don't care: I'm not okay.

Have you forgotten what I wrote before?

No one cares, anymore.

My mask of yellow shields my skin of blue,

Have you forgotten that was about me, not you?

I watched the blood seep from my heart,

Watched the skin rip apart.

I've written two, not one, songs today,

One for the world, one to portray.

If you looked at me, then you'd see!

But you're blind, careless, carefree!

This is all a poem of love,

The word for myself is held above.

Now that the blood has dried,

I feel part of me has died.

I have forgotten but now have another pain,

It feels good to hurt, but not again.

I'm addicted now, I can't cease.

But without help, I can't find peace.

This is to you, my sweetest friend.

Help me stop, and to this hurt, put an end.